Apple goes after Samsung Galaxy S III, Note in new court filing

Fresh off its recent patent triumph over Samsung in a Northern California court, Apple has filed an amended complaint with the same court in a separate case, adding Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III smartphone to the list of Samsung devices that it says infringe on its intellectual property.

(Credit: CNET)

As reported by Apple Insider, the filing was made over the weekend, and involves a complaint first made in February that charged 17 Samsung devices with violating utility patents owned by Apple.

In relation to that complaint — again, it's separate from the headline-grabbing case that began in April 2011 and wound up last Friday with an overwhelming win for Apple — the iPhone and iPad maker sought a sales ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The San Jose, California, court where the complaint was filed granted the ban, but it has been temporarily lifted while it's on appeal before a court in Washington, DC.

Apple also sought a ban on the Galaxy S III back in June, but that effort was put on hold, owing to a packed court schedule.

In the amended complaint filed on the weekend, Apple said, "infringing Samsung products include at least 21 new smartphones, media players and tablets that Samsung has released beginning in August 2011 and continuing through August 2012", and it lists the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S III — Verizon and the Galaxy Note smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, among the other products.

Apple would no doubt like to put the kibosh on the Galaxy S III, which has enjoyed brisk sales and has, according to analysts, helped increase Samsung's lead over Apple in the two companies' smartphone sales competition. The Note seems to be doing OK too, if numbers released by Samsung are any indication.

The amended complaint is embedded below.

Amended Galaxy Complaint


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weaponfx posted a comment   

I think I get it now....
Apple is wanting to branch out into the legal sector and create their own legal firm....
All this is just simply research before it launches.
I imagine that it will cater to people who are unhappy when someone down the road sports a similar hair cut, have the same 1st, 2nd or surname, have seen their neighbours water their lawn an hour after they have using a similar green hose and to protect those who like to hold thier coffee cup with a 2 degree slant to the east with their pinky finger being slightly raised with a unique curve pointing back on the cup at a "purposeful" angle.


troyhulm posted a comment   

Couldn't agree more. It is not like the hate being garnered isn't unwarranted either. I am on a personal vendetta to warn off everybody I come into contact with from ever using apple products since the billion dollar ruling.

I support healthy competition and am totally against patenting of generic things whether it is in regards to genetically modified foods or plain design elements. Not a monopoly by money hungry ****


nerdmusc1e posted a comment   

this is making the tech world hate apple
which is good for us apple haters (innovation/quality/openness lovers)

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