Apple in-ear headphones

Better late than never. Apple's AU$109 in-ear headphones, promised back in September with a projected October release, showed up on my desk this morning with an apologetic look.

I've only been listening for a few minutes, but so far, it looks like Apple has delivered a worthwhile pair of headphones. They don't quite have the crisp, high frequency detail of the Etymotic HF2 headphones I had at my desk, but they blow away Apple's stock ear buds (not too difficult a feat) with a buttery low end and pleasant mids and highs.

We're happy to see that the headphones work just fine with the iPhone, despite the fact that Apple's online store doesn't advertise the product as iPhone-compatible. More specifically, we found that the headphones and microphone are compatible with the iPhone 3G, but the clicker and volume controls don't seem to cooperate.

(Update: on the iPhone 3G and first-generation iPhone, the headphone clicker seems to work fine for playing, pausing, and skipping tracks, as well as answering/ending calls, however, the headphone volume control clicker is unresponsive. For the first-gen iPod Touch, the headphone's clicker, mic, and volume controls are useless, but the headphones themselves work just fine.)

Check out our Apple in-ear headphone photo gallery below.

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Zafrooney posted a comment   

In picture no. 10, the earphone in the middle (red/maroon) earphone-what earphone is that? Is it by Apple as well?


Batonga posted a comment   

I bought a pair a few months back, and at first they worked great, lately though after they have been in use for 30 -40 minutes, they have started to tell the iphone to randomly pause, play and skip tracks. Any one else having this problem with them? I tend to unplug, turn on and off my phone, and let the plugs sit for a while, then they work again, for about 30 -40 minutes, before the skipping starts, using the original ear buds, there is no skipping, but I have already blown the speakers on those.


Libra posted a comment   

Umm, Patrick. That was joke. Let me spell it out for you. The capsule looks like a tampon in its wrapper and the headphones look like an IUD, which is a contraceptive device. And they were designed by Apple in California??? What was their design inspiration??


one posted a comment   

okay, i looked on the apple australia site and they are AU $109


Patrick posted a comment   

Libra, that capsule holds the replacement eartips that you can fit on the headphones, depending on the size of your ears, look at image 9 for a closer look. Also the "Designed by Apple in California" is fairly obvious as Apple is based in California.

Dudeman, I bet you are familiar with the idea that we Aussies pay more for everything (supposedly) because of the exchange rate, Europeans tend to have the same problem from time to time, the in-ear headphones as an example are worth GBP 54 (54 pounds, which is around AU$122.45 or US$79.33). I checked Apple's British site for their pricing.


Libra posted a comment   

What's the thing in the packaging in the first picture. It's some kind of capsule, but looks a feminine hygiene device. Designed by Apple in California??


Dudeman posted a comment   

There only $79 US. I think the reveiwer my be from the UK... Why it would be more exspensive there then here being that our dollars worth dirt... F@ck if I know..


one posted a comment   

Arent these outrageously over priced, they are like $170!

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