Apple In-Ear headphones

If you own a new iPod, the Apple In-Ear headphones are great value. Owners of iPhones and older iPods will have to decide whether the mic and remote compatibility issues are worth overlooking for the substantial boost in sound quality.

There are no sellers at the moment that carry this product.

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  • loliver



    "these earphones are the best earphones i have ever owned! they are far superiour to the ones you get with an ipod from apple. deffinately a good buy."

  • Woo78



    "Not sure what I am doing wrong, but regardless of what size caps I put on them, they slowly come out of my ears, and unless they are rammed in the sound is really tinny. I also find that the microp..."

  • Bruce


    "They're everything you want in a pair of earphones"

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