Apple iOS 4: hands on

The wait is over for owners of Apple's iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch. Apple today has rolled out the iOS 4 firmware update, complete with a bevy of new features. While most of these changes were covered in detail at the software's grand unveiling, there are a number of subtle differences that may have snuck past your eagle eyes. Watch the video and click through the gallery to see some of the most impressive changes in action.

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12345 posted a comment   

reminds me of the jailbreka features


hfntyjyjtjytjtuku posted a reply   

yeah, just like a jailbreak except you cant change icons i will definently be getting it

nice work apple


Chris posted a comment   

I've been using the multitasking for a day now, and think its been implemented badly. There needs to be a way to say if you want the app to still run, because currently everything runs in the background unless you go the long way to close them down!


SWICK posted a comment   

I take it CNET is running the GM version of ios4 as Game Center is currently only available with that!


punktual posted a comment   

umm you could just make a black wallpaper, duh.


myasdfman posted a comment   

Just a side note, once you update the iPhone, the home screen will automatically change to whatever the wallpaper previously was. It does not stay black and you cant change it back without removing the update.


billy111 posted a comment   

hey DVSTB wake up you fool and get a life you ****


CJA123 posted a reply   

Don't you (DVSTA8) have anything better to do?


DVSTA8 posted a comment   

yes, welcome to OS - so 2001 features!


Zorg posted a reply   

I agree.
After all the hype, this update is just so lame.
Still cannot display the day's agenda on the lock screen - what a joke!
Even my old $150 Nokia could do that.
My next handset will run be Windows Phone 7 or Android.
I'll certainly never buy another useless Apple product.

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