Apple iPad 2

The iPad 2 refines an already excellent product. Its easy-to-use interface, vast app catalogue and marathon battery life bolster Apple's claim to being the king of tablets.

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  • lee koo

    lee koo


    "Not really a gadget that is necessary, but a great to have! Definitely not a laptop or PC replacement, but a well rounded entertainment device for my entire family to enjoy. With the abundance of a..."

  • MattM4



    "I Have owned the Ipad 2 for a couple of months now and thoroughly enjoy using it. The Ipad has a good web browser but is lacking flash and a fairly decent email client.

    I feel the Ipa..."

  • junbug



    "So I've decided to buy an ipad 2 because my bag was filled with 4 huge textbooks and notebooks, 2 instruments and its music, macbook pro and my sports gear. I've exported my textbook and my music i..."

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