Apple iPad unboxing: dinky-di pics!

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Get ready for a world first! An iPad unboxing in the shadow of the Opera House!

In-studio unboxings are a bit boring and we wanted to get out of the office. To prove that these were Aussie pics we had to somehow incorporate something uniquely Australian. We didn't have a Boxing Kangaroo, or should that be ... an ... Un-boxing Kangaroo...?

So, despite the odd glances and harsh morning glare, we conducted our unboxing of the brand new iPad at Circular Quay, Sydney.

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Mr X posted a comment   

wow i didnt know wayne rooney worked for cnet australia!


Slam posted a comment   

Well I had my doubts but decided I'd buy and try which is always the best way rather than spew dribble and not have one. Got the wireless only version as I won't use it out of the house that much. The good: fast, screen looks nice but is a tad reflective, well made. Good sound too again surprised me. Battery life seems to be ok too. The bad, app content limited and what there is I find 2-3 times more than I expected to pay. Very slippery feel but a silicone cover overcame that even though it won't seem to fit spot on. All in all I would say 7.5/10.


RedBarron posted a comment   

Those dorks at the opening. The high fives. It was hilarious. I wonder how much Apple is paying the media to chubb up their products!


CJA posted a reply   

Their not paying them anything, the media is just covering a story.


Scifenefics posted a comment   

HAHA.. you just wasted 500 odd bucks, wonder how much yr monthly 3g bill is gonna be???


CJA posted a reply   

Its prepaid, so it will be the same every month. Not everyone thinks its a waste.


LeftRightOut posted a comment   

Are you fair dinkum? An "unboxing" story 10 pages long?
Mate, who cares?


mick posted a reply   

If you don't care, why did you spend the time to post that message.....


The MAn IN Gl**** posted a comment   

I think i might wait for 2gen :)

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