Apple iPod Touch (3rd generation, 32GB)

Though the updates are subtle, the third-generation iPod Touch still leaves its competitors in the dust.

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User Reviews / Comments  Apple iPod Touch (3rd generation, 32GB)

  • Oliveerrr



    "I've had my iPod Touch G3 for over a year and a half now, and I have to say, it's the best thing I have, and have ever had!
    The App Store, and the range of apps it has on offer are just asto..."

  • hihellohey



    "i would of loved but i cant listen to music. getting the new one (after the 4th generation) when it comes out"

  • Thyholynoodles



    "I love this touch. Its sleek, cool and is just like a pda. The appstore is great, and the range of features (INTERNET, weather, stocks etc) make it gold!

    However, did have few probl..."

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