Apple licenses Swiss rail clock design

Apple can breathe a little easier about one part of iOS 6. No, not the Maps app, but rather its use of a certain clock image that is owned by a Swiss rail provider.

Apple's iOS 6 clock and an official SBB watch from Mondaine.
(Credit: Apple/Mondaine)

The Swiss Federal Railway service, or SBB, said today that it has reached a licensing agreement with Apple to allow the electronics giant to use its clock on devices like the iPad and iPhone.

An SBB spokesperson told CNET that the amount of the licensing fee and other agreement details will remain confidential.

Last month, Apple was accused of ripping off SBB's iconic clock for the latest iteration of its mobile operating system. The clock was created in 1944 by then-SBB employee Hans Hilfiker. It's used throughout the railway system, and is also licensed to Mondaine, a Swiss watch-maker.


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