Apple patents reveal hearing aid-based social network

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Engadget has dug up a filing at the US patent office's application database, in which Apple describes a social network for hearing aids.

The hearing aids involved would store a profile on its wearer, and, when they're communicating with another hearing aid user, audio profiles would be swapped so the technology could adjust and people could hear each other better.

The devices could also be location aware for specific venues, knocking out ambient noise when required. The patent specifically mentions using an iPhone to connect to the hearing aid social network in order to select venue-specific profiles, which could then be uploaded to the hearing aid.

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blackorp posted a comment   

As someone who has just started researching hearing loss... this idea is not new. Yes, it is very innovative, but I know of at least one company, Audiotoniq, that plans on releasing a hearing aid that can be customized via bluetooth and smart phone application. I'm real curious to see how this plays out.

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