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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Apple patents 'smart' bicycle

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(Credit: Patently Apple)

If there are two things that seem to draw people's ire, it's cyclists and the Apple iPhone. So, if this is you then look away now: Apple has filed a patent for an iPhone "smart bike" that acts like a car's on-board computer.

The patent is apparently quite vague, but the system will give you feedback on you and your bike's performance and somehow "communicate" (some say spam) the information to other cyclists.

The iPhone would act like the bike's on-board computer with readouts on speed, heart rate, gear and positional data.

If you look at the diagram above you can clearly see that the iPod/iPhone will sit in a holder between the handlebars and connect to the braking and pedal systems.

This isn't the first time Apple has produced exercise equipment, as it has previously collaborated with Nike on a shoe/app tie in. We imagine the smart bike will extrapolate on the learnings gathered from that project and combine it with a cycling fitness like our Top 100 app, Cyclemeter .

Who would Apple collaborate with on such a system? Give us your thoughts below.


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Anthony posted a comment   

You can buy one of these today from Enki sports


Jobster posted a comment   

Someone told me I looked good in lycra shorts, and the idea was born. Next up we'll be suing Sir Isaac Newton's ancestors for improper use of our trademark.....


Drew posted a comment   

There are existing devices already on the market that do this - accordingly Apple's attempt will fail.


Timberwolf131 posted a comment   

I am sure they will get away with it, the US patent system is horrible.

BTW this idea will probably never even go ahead, like most of the patents technology companies put out. They just do it to prevent others from creating something like this. Unfortunately most of the tech companies do this, but Apple is the worst by a mile.


Brian posted a comment   

by the looks of that picture its a computer that records your speed, gear and cadence on your bike. Apples only about 20 years too late with this one, it turns out some clever monkey though of that just after the last ice age and you can get one of those computers for $20 from your local bike shop.


AngusR posted a reply   

Yeah but now it has a colour screen and reception issues, so, you know... the advantages are there


Jimmy posted a comment   

Is it just me or does this look more like they are trying to patent a dream? It's all inside a thought bubble and not all of the markers actually connect to anything.


jniranjan posted a comment   

seems like a pretty old patent. the ipod pictured looks like a 2007 nano


derrida derider posted a comment   

There's no way this patent should be granted - it's far too vague and the idea is anyway obvious.

But given the permissive attitude of the Patent Office and the lack of common sense by the courts, I wouldn't be surprised if they got away with it.

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