Apple says iPhone 5 purple camera halo is totally normal

Apple has told at least one customer that any purple halos found in photos taken on the company's iPhone 5 are considered normal and due to the angling of the device.

The iPhone 5's camera.
(Credit: Apple)

Gizmodo has posted what it said is a reply from an AppleCare support representative named Debby to an iPhone 5 owner, who called the company complaining about the issue.

"Our engineering team just gave me this information, and we recommend that you angle the camera away from the bright light source when taking pictures," AppleCare rep Debby wrote in an email. "The purple flare in the image provided is considered normal behaviour for iPhone 5's camera."

The issue in question is a purple colour that typically shows up on the edges of photos when a light source is immediately nearby, although it can occur even when the light is off-frame. It can also affect both photos and videos.

Some users began complaining about the issue just after Apple's new phone went on sale last month. The problem was not apparent during CNET's own testing of the iPhone 5, which is ongoing.

So far, Apple has not put out any official information, including support articles that detail the issue. The company declined to comment on the support email.

Here's an example of the purple colouring on the side of this test shot. The light source is off-frame:

(Credit: CNET)


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