Apple slams PSP, DS at iPhone/iPod conference

Steve Jobs returns as consumer electronics giant says its multimedia devices offer gaming experiences superior to Sony and Nintendo's dedicated devices; Madden NFL hits App Store today.

Today, Apple rolled out its latest line of iPods at a special event in San Francisco, presided over by CEO Steve Jobs, who is recovering from a liver transplant. As outlined in CNET's live blog of the event, one of the big draws was the new video camera and FM radio-equipped iPod Nano. Another was the price drop of the iPod Touch, which now costs $268 (8GB), 3299 (32GB), and $549 (64GB).

Schiller shows how Apple thinks iPhone OS games stack up against the PSP and DS.
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(Credit: CNET/ Stephen Shankland)

Like at past events, Apple played up the gaming applications of the iPhone OS, which the iPod Touch also uses. However, unlike at previous events, senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Philip W. Schiller called out the iPhone and iPod touch as superior gaming platforms to both the DS and PSP. As proof of his assertion, Schiller first pointed to the price of games, which top out around $9.99 on the iPhone OS, but run as high as $59.95 on the DS and $69.95 on the PSP. "That's too expensive," he declared.

Second, the executive pointed to a slide showing the 21,178-title catalog of iPhone OS "Game & Entertainment Titles" dwarfing those of the DS (3,680 titles) and the PSP (607 titles). Schiller didn't mention "Games" and "Entertainment" are two distinct categories on the App Store when accessed from an iPhone. The "Games" category covers both polished titles, such as the $3.99 2K Games' Civilization Revolution , a port of the acclaimed DS version, and $1.19 casual titles, such as Solitaire. The "Entertainment" category covers an even broader swathe of nongaming applications, such as Run Pee Mobile, which tips moviegoers about opportune bathroom break times at a showing, and 18,000 Cool Jokes, a conversation aid to the humour-impaired.

EA's Boatman shows off Madden NFL 10 on the iPhone
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(Credit: CNET/ Stephen Shankland)

Schiller also believes that, compared to those of the iPhone and iPod Touch, PSP and DS games are "not a lot of fun." Although iPhone game designers, such as Doom Resurrection's John Carmack, say the Apple device's lack of buttons are a hindrance, Schiller contends the opposite. As proof, he brought out Electronic Arts' Travis Boatman to show off the iPhone version of Madden NFL 10, which went on sale today. The game lets players draw their plays onto the screen, like the titular sportscaster's Telestrator, and then execute them with a touch of the button.

Preceding Boatman was Ubisoft's Ben Mattes, who talked about the November 11 launch of the Assassin's Creed II iPhone game, and Gameloft's Mark Hickey, who showed off a new first-person sci-fi shooter called Nova. Bart Decrem, founder of Tap Tap Revolution developer Tapulous, was also on hand to demonstrate Riddim Ribbon, a new DJ game, which lets you remix songs while tracing their rhythmic patterns.

For a full rundown of today's Apple event, check the live blog recap on CNET.

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Vince posted a comment   

Yo Steve, I'm really happy for the iPhone, and Imma let you finish. But the DS and the PSP had some of the best games of all time!


dtn posted a comment   

Comparing an ipod touch to a PSP or DS is a complete insult to them. I have all three devices and the ipod's games are gimmicky short games. They cost little for a reason. The ipod has no buttons and it makes it hard to play. I can play the DS or PSP for hours on end.


HEHE posted a comment   

Steve Jobs really needs to get a real job rather than supporting a company that revolves around an old half eaten apple...I still think it belongs in the Marti Gras Pararde.


MTT posted a comment   

Well i've got both 3G iphone and PSP, I could tell you that, interms of gaming experience and the cost, PSP has the plus. Iphone can only play simple games, the fun of which would not last for 2 days, thus they are incomparable. I also agree with Budge. Iphone is not so handy for carrying around. I've got it for 4months and I realised my Nokia 6300 is far much better interms of weight, size and fun function (Radio, mp3, web(using Bolt,opera mini), picture. If you want to experience the gaming to the best experience, go for PSP or DS. IPHONE is just a phone with simple function of gaming and other multimedia varieties. Who knows one day, PSP, DS or other portable games might have a a phone device installed.. Making a portable game to be able to call in the future. Lets wait and see


AyushB posted a comment   

Just another stupid comment by Jobs, get a good job, jobs, rather than trying to claim that Itouch/Iphone is a great Gaming device, damn what are you? draming, did he even consider that there are so many games that needs button, play TAKKEN in your itouch then come and boast about your touch, It's a great Pod and a very nice phone, but is not even close to a Gaming Device. not even close to PSP


ankawa posted a comment   

iphone as gaming platform, i think steve needs to take a much longer vacation. or better yet a vacation for ever. hes gone stupid.
and a word for cnet, you are loosing your credibility by not commenting about the games quality differences between iphone and psp or DS. even my five year old nephew realises that a game built for psp would cost many many more times than if it was built for iphone. i develop apps for iphone as part of my study and only myself can finish up developing a decent game in about a month. a psp game would take at least a year of professional games developers effort.


Budge posted a comment   

I would hate to carry around an iPhone, too big and comples to use, I prefer a simple phone and a PSP for gaming


DB SAY HI posted a comment   

Also is the 32GB ipod touch 3299,399 or 299 I'm confused


Tim posted a comment   

sorry jobs, iFart doesn't count.


MD posted a comment   

Haha I love my iPhone but as a gaming platform doesn't even compare to a PSP or even a DS.

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