Apple still No. 1 smartphone maker in US

Apple has gained a few points since last month's tally, but Google remains the leader in the operating system market.

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Apple has inched up a few points in the smartphone market, keeping its title as the No.1 smartphone maker in the US and edging in slightly on Google's territory as the top smartphone platform, according to a report released by ComScore overnight.

The smartphone market overall continues to grow. According to the report, 129.4 million people in the US owned smartphones in January, up 7 percent from October. As usual, it's an Apple versus Google fight. The two companies continue to lead in their respective markets, with everyone else trailing.

Apple averaged 37.8 percent of the smartphone market during the months of November, December and January, up 3.5 points since October, according to the report. This was followed by Samsung, at 21.4 percent; HTCm with 9.7 percent; Motorola, with 8.6 percent; and LG, with 7 percent.

Apple's growth in phones also increased its share of the platform market currently dominated by Google's Android operating system. Although Apple is the top smartphone maker, Google's dominance in the overall smartphone market is staggering, considering how many other manufactures — Apple's competitors — use its system. That includes Samsung, Apple's only real competition in the market.

(Credit: Comscore)

Google powers most (52.3 percent) of US smartphones with Android. That's down 1.3 percent since October, but still leaves Apple in second. The third-place slot went to BlackBerry, which has a 5.9 percent share, followed by Microsoft at 3.1 percent, and Symbian at 0.5 percent.

(Credit: Comscore)


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