Apple to introduce iPhone OS 4.0 Thursday

On the heels of the introduction of the iPad in the United States, Apple is ready to talk about the next version of iPhone OS.

(Credit: Apple)

The company sent media invitations Monday morning to an event where it will reveal iPhone OS 4.0. There were scant details, simply an email with the above image that said, "Get a sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS".

It will take place on the Apple campus at 10 a.m. Thursday (West Coast US). There have been some hints as to what might be in the new software, including perhaps multitasking, which has been rumoured to have an Expose-like interface.

Let the speculation begin! What do you think will be included in the next version of the iPhone OS? Share your thoughts below.


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totoaus posted a comment   

Whatever they do they won't please everyone, and some people will still complain.

But still, I'd like to see a few things to streamline their product line. One example, includes making the iPod touch do just as the iPhone does except telephone, and make both the iPod Touch and iPhone do what the iPad does in smaller sizes.
Second, I'd like them to have a usable amount of storage, i.e. 256 Gb, with 1 TB in the iPad. My primary attraction to these devices is off-site backup of my music, files, photos, movies, etc and for that 256GB is needed.
Third, I think it is high time that Apple trusted us and allowed our iPods, iPhones & iPads to be used on any computer, not just retricted to one. This causes me real strife keeping files in sync through having to also use a USB Flash Drive. My iPod/iPhone/iPad should be able to do it.
I may be accused of going off thread here, but I haven't. iPhone 4 is the place to introduce all of this ability then transition it onto the iPad & iPod Touch. I don't expect my iPod Classic to get the relevant features until I replace it with a newer device.


forrest posted a comment   

definitely multitasking, flash support and FM capability.


Nicholas posted a comment   

I hope they finally unlock the iPod touch 2G & 3G and iPhone 3G S fm radio capability, if the iPod Nano can get it why can't we.


Steve posted a comment   

With all the original 3G's nearly out of contract, me included, you can bet OS 4.0 will have some features that wont work on a 3G. But I'll be happy to upgrade anyway, the 3G has been great but I need way more than 16gig these days.


luke posted a reply   

True, such as multitasking which WONT BE AVAILABLE FOR 2G OR 3G..


Jake posted a comment   

To be honest, I'm over the whole iPhone thing.
There is only so long that a digital compass and pictures that rotate by themselves can impress people.


luke posted a reply   

um yep, thats all they do that's cool... not.
Thats not even the cool thing about the iphone.. but you can go back to a 'nokia' or some other phone you think is cooler..


brendan posted a comment   

haha I'm relaxed, I'm just about to start thinking about getting a new phone sometime here's hoping for another June iphone release


Marsh posted a comment   

it needs multitasking, flash support and full bluetooth implementation!!


kingroose posted a comment   

with the release of OS 2.0 they also released the iPhone 3G not long after. The OS 3.0 was then released and following suit the 3GS was also released... so i assume on this pattern, and apple have shown that they do like to work on lifespans of certain products, there will be a new iPhone model coming out Brendan, sooner than later so relax, what we are talking about here is the software and i would like it to definitely have multitasking and with the release of the n900 i would like it to have flash support also.

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