Apple unveils new iMacs

Apple unveiled a thin new iMac overnight, refreshing the design and specs for its popular desktop computer.

(Credit: Apple)

"It is absolutely beautiful," Apple's Phil Schiller said during the introduction at an event in San Jose, California. "It is stunning from every side."

The new computer is the thinnest desktop that Apple has made to date, Schiller said; it has a 5-millimetre edge, and is 80 per cent thinner than the previous generation. It is 3.6 kilograms lighter, as well.

The computer also uses a new "Apple Fusion" drive, which blends a 128GB Flash memory drive with a standard hard drive that is either 1TB or 3TB in size. Schiller said that using Flash memory for the computer's main functions, and the hard drive for large file storage, greatly improved performance on the machine.

It will ship without an optical drive, but Apple will sell a separate drive for customers who are "stuck in the past", Schiller said.

(Credit: CNET)

The computer starts at AU$1429 for a 21.5-inch model, and starts shipping in November. The 27-inch model starts at AU$1999, and ships in December.

It had been 539 days since the last iMac update, according to the MacRumors buying guide. The average upgrade cycle is 273 days.


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