Apple's A6 chip sports 3-core graphics

We learn a little more about the Apple processor inside the iPhone 5 every day. Today, the focus is the graphics processing unit (GPU).

The iPhone 5's main circuit board with the A6 chip.
(Credit: iFixit)

UMB TechInsights has looked inside the chip, and review site AnandTech has followed up with an analysis claiming a 3-core GPU, which is likely a PowerVR SGX 543MP3 running at 266MHz, according to the chip-review site.

All of this makes for a fast A6 chip. Preliminary benchmarks show roughly twice the performance of Apple's A5.

Note that, though the A5 chip in the third-generation iPad has a quad-core GPU unit (one more GPU core than the A6), it has an older — and slower — central processing unit (CPU). Both the A5 series processors and A6 have two CPU cores.

And who makes the A6 for Apple? TechInsights surmises that it's Samsung. "An early analysis of ... the A6 reveal markings that are similar to the Samsung markings found in the A4 and A5 processors," TechInsights said.


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QdamG posted a comment   

What the hell is Samsung doing they should just stop making parts for apple cause there just getting sued


Chandler posted a reply   

Why? They're making a profit off of the iPhone and competing against it at the same time.

If Samsung refused to make the chips for Apple, they'd just go elsewhere and Samsung would lose its share of the cash-cow that iPhone is.

Continuing to make parts for the iPhone is good for Samsung.


Will1505 posted a reply   

Samsung have been making a lot of apple components in recent times. Depending on what ipad you get, it would have the processor, screen and memory modules made by samsung.

Rumour has it that Apple will start moving away from samsung however doing so will reduce their profit margins


trebor83 posted a reply   

But given that they have the better part of $120 Billion in cash reserves I'm pretty sure they can take the hit.

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