Apple's Lightning port adapter is AU$35

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Recently, we asked the question, "if the iPhone has a smaller port, does Apple owe you an adapter?" The answer, according to Apple, is no; instead, the adapter will set you back AU$35.

Apple's new AU$35 Lightning port adapter.
(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

For some people, this will be of little concern. After all, if you've spent AU$80,000 on a luxury car that happens to have an iPod cable, chances are that you won't mind tossing this money Apple's way to make sure that you can still listen to your podcasts.

For others, especially those who own a decade's worth of peripherals that are compatible with the older 30-pin connector, it might be about more than just the money. This will affect those of us with iPod docks that now won't cradle the phone securely, or those will be bothered by the fact that you'll need a separate cable to charge your iPad and your iPhone.

If you have bought several Apple products, let us know how you feel. Is this no big deal? Is AU$35 too steep for an adapter? Or is this about more than money? Leave a comment below.

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Yuri01 posted a comment   

$35? Big deal. I have a great sounding alarm clock so I'll buy one adaptor. The things will probably much less on eBay anyway and there will probbly be 3rd party adaptors coming out as well. I'll whip out the sim card from the old 32GB iPhone and either use it in the car or place it in the dock of my hi-fi set-up in place of my very old 20GB iPod. What a thing to get bent out of shape over.


Pining posted a comment   

Ha! What a cack!!


Leah6.0 posted a comment   

I'll be getting a Samsung Galaxy III 4G instead. So sick and tired of Apple's marketing! and how they control the way you send and receive info on your phone. and now this! Apple has became a greedy tyrant deperate for money after losing market share to Samsung. Sorry Apple, I'm not buying your new cable or adapter. Keep squeezing the soap and you will lose more customers than you can make up with cable sales. Android For The Win!!!!


WHATEVER posted a comment   

The change of the adaptor will do for Apple what it did to Nokia. In the '90s everyone had Nokia chargers everywhere. You could charge you phone at a mates’, in a car or at a shop. I think it is funny that Apple did not learn that lesson!

Personally, having had iPhone 3Gs, 4 and 4S plus iPad 1 and 3 (new), I will be going back to Nokia and WP8. I am also more-than-likely going to change my iPad to a Surface!

What holds me to Apple? Apps? No, I usually use free ones, and the ones I have paid for I would probably not "re-buy", nice time to have a cleanout. The music? That would have been a show stopper, but with Spotify, all I need to do is login to my account and bang, all my music is downloading or ready to be access …

Sorry Apple, you lost a customer!


markehlers posted a comment   

It really shouldn't be more than $10, and they'd still be making money. Most cars have a USB port, not a hard wired 30-pin dock connector so a new Lightening to USB cable at $25, is a cheaper and better solution...

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