Apple's Maps disaster

The new Maps app for iOS 6 is a whole lot of fun — unless you want to use it for directions. Or to find a bridge that looks crossable.

The folks at Google must be loving this.

As people have started using Apple's new Maps app — the one that came out with yesterday's release of iOS 6 — many have been quick to point out its not-so-subtle flaws. Suddenly, Grand Cayman, of Cayman Islands, is a sandy island devoid of roads. New York City's Manhattan Bridge resembles a roller coaster and, well, things elsewhere are just plain out of whack.

Much has been made about Apple dissing Google Maps, which has lived on Apple's iPhone since Day One. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. Here are some highlights.

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ozind posted a comment   

ios6 maps are like going bak to dark ages in map technology ,Apple has has to swallow its pride and admit it goofed.When speaking to helpdesk was told Apple does not apologise or admit its wrong.


Fiz posted a comment   

Apple fans recognise Apple and pay premium price for it’s backdated hardware because they think Apple really maintains the quality. Most focus has been given on the new Map and it’s turn-by-turn navigation features at this iOS 6 launch event. Huh… Quality of Map is poor. Incorrect navigations, maps, and addresses! So many more issues are there! Is this the standard of quality that Apple maintains! Will you trust iOS 6 Map and it’s voice guided navigation! Apple said they will fix Map issues over the time. No one wants to be their experiment-tool, at least while driving. Who’ll be responsible for road accidents and deaths! We can use Map and Navigation features and figure out the problems easily, but what we are not sure - how secure is our data and privacy through Apple and it’s cloud systems!


DefconOne posted a comment   

I can't believe Markus used the words 'Apple' and 'Competition' in the same sentence :) They are attempting to shut out competition, not support it.


MarkusB posted a comment   

I have been using Apple Maps since iOS 6 Beta 1 and I haven't had any issues with it. I'm glad Apple has made it's own mapping service, competition is always good.


MarkusB posted a reply   

Once Google submits its Maps app to the App Store, and gets approved (which I'm sure it will) iOS users will get the choice of two services.


Dunners posted a comment   

I can see the Apple board meeting now. "We need to remove all Google services from iOS"... "How about we remove Google Maps, we'll make our own one, it'll be innovative revolutionary and better'ra. How hard can it be"

*Face palm*


SiddharthaT posted a comment   

i am pretty amazed by cnet tagging the iphone 5 with the "editors choice award" without even testing the phone! hell!! with out even the release of the phone!!!!shame on you cnet!!!!


Im Batman posted a reply   

I think the Editors Choice award was given by the US team and they did have the phone to review head of time... the review was then just re-posted on the AU site.

Not sure if Joe (or CNET AU) have done their review, or given their score for that reason... they haven't played with it yet/enough


barrett posted a reply   

The review and its writer are currently getting smashed from pillar to post on the cnet US site.

He it seems like a lot of other tech "journalists" have egg all over their faces after this disaster....guess that happens when you are wearing rose coloured glasses.

The problem with many reviews is that they are glossing over or not even mentioning what the 5 can't do which is way more important from an actual day to day user needs.


Pining posted a comment   

That's pretty poor.
It's almost as poor as labelling something as 4G in Australia, that isn't...........................

Editor's Choice award anyone?

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