Apple's new EarPods were 3 years in the making

As part of the launch of the iPhone 5 and the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano, Apple introduced a new set of earbuds, the EarPods.

According to Apple, the new EarPods were three years in the making.
(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

These in-ear headphones have a built-in microphone for making calls (yes, there's an in-line remote with volume and transport controls), and Apple said that they were three years in the making.

The EarPods come included with all of Apple's new iPhones and iPods, and will also be offered as separate accessories for US$29.

I personally haven't been able to use the earlier Apple earbuds because they simply don't fit in my ears. Apple said that it has done extensive testing to make sure that these securely fit a wide variety of ears with reduced sound leakage. Apple also said that the EarPods have greatly improved sound, and are more sweat resistant.

Apple's official line on the product is the following:

The Apple EarPods with remote and mic are designed to rest comfortably inside — and stay inside — a variety of ear types. The audio quality is so superior, they rival high-end headphones that cost hundreds of dollars more. And you can use the improved remote to adjust volume, control music and video playback, and answer or end calls on your iPhone.

As soon as I get my hands on a pair, I'll let you know if they live up to the marketing hype.


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Im Batman posted a comment   

Look forward to seeing the reactions of these new ear phones...
Interested to see how the controls are improved... over the exisiting inline controls... watch this space i guess.

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