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If you're a social butterfly, you can run up quite the bill on your mobile phone. Don't worry; we're here to help with a list of apps for your iPhone or Android phone that offer free calling and texting services.

Do bear in mind that these services all use either Wi-Fi or 3G, and data charges may still apply; but if you don't see a significant reduction on your bill, we'll eat our hats.*

*Hat-eating not guaranteed.

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EthanH posted a comment   



brad3 posted a comment   

Good summary.

Kik is another free text & photo messaging app. Much quicker and more reliable than any other I have tried. Has been on iPhone for 6 months. Was banned by RIM after being available on Blackberry and has just become available for Android. Coming to Windows Phone 7 next

Skype doesn't do video for Android.

Facetime is iOS & Mac and Wifi-only but quality is better than anything on any platform.


TommerS posted a reply   

get kik video also sucks cuz its only 10 sec video


OleksandraG posted a comment   

Hi, Oleksandra from eBuddy here.

Thank you for mentioning us in your review!

Small correction: The free version of our eBuddy for iPhone app also provides emoticons and sound/vibrate alerts.

In addition, we have very recently released eBuddy XMS, a real-time smartphone messaging app that enables you to do more than SMS!

eBuddy XMS is currently exclusive to the Netherlands and Australia and can be found on both App Store and Android Market.

Best regards,
eBuddy Community Manager


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Thanks for dropping by, Oleksandra! I have updated to add your input.

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