Are there brightness problems with Panasonic plasmas?

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greyisthenewblack posted a comment   

I have a PZ800A with over 2400 hours. Over the past 6 months or so I have noticed that my blacks were not so black anymore and there was more image retention. Now I known that I am not alone with the problem.
Yay - I can turn my brightness up - but how do I turn my blacks BACK DOWN.
Watching movies in a darkened room is not so good anymore


cw posted a reply   

Why can't people just turn down brightness/adjust contrast !
I really want an answer to that.
If there's an auto-adjusting situation that turns UP brightness...then turn the brightness DOWN ! Big Deal.
Someone please tell me what I'm Missing, am I wrong? Could it be that simple?


Damien posted a comment   

No complaints have been made to Panasonic Asia / Australia? Really? I have 2 mates that have officially lodged complaints to Panasonic directly.

Does a complaint not become official until it has been lodged with the fair trade commission?


ChkChkBoom posted a comment   

Well ty, in your other post you had to eat your hat. Black levels now confirmed to triple (ie turn to grey) in the 1st 1000 hours of use,


cw posted a reply   

Cnet CAN test for this! Cnet seems to say, for some reason they can't but...
It takes LESS than 2 months to go to 1,000 hrs! (1000hrs/24hrs a day)
If you don't want to leave the tv on for 24 hrs, give it an hr rest.
It's WRONG, AND irresponsible, to not...
You owe it to Panasonic, and all the people who look to Cnet. If you can do the tests(and you CAN), DO 'EM.


BLAHBLAHGETAGRIPA posted a comment   

The only thing pushing people to rip this guy a new one is the fact that people have defective sets, Panasonic refuses to acknowledge it, and then this guy comes along posing his opinions as facts.


robi1138 posted a comment   

Well, I'm glad he's so thorough. It's good to know that because he can't see an issue and Panasonic says everything is a-ok, he's ok with it. And yes, it must just be a bunch of hooligans (who posted 5000+ times) who now own expensive TVs that look like crappy LCDs. Oh, and nothing wrong in Asia so everything's cool. If you're going to bother to answer a question on camera, you'll look like less of a jackalope if you actually do some research yourself...just a tip, Ty.


BLAH BLAH BLAH posted a comment   

For starters, the editor is just expressing his point of view. so there's no need to get rude about it. calling him names and blaming him for something he doenst have prove off. It feels like you guys writing these offending comments are pushed by SOMEONE. all writing the same thing put non of yous have that problem so why getting so personal about it. panasonic send letters to explain the issue.


ChkChkBoom posted a comment   

Link to the problem:

Look at all of the people who have reported the problem and measured it.

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