Are you a screen juggler? You're not alone, Google finds

If you're like me, you're constantly grabbing for your smartphone or iPad while watching TV, to look up an actor, a movie review or something else that piqued your interest. This morning ,as I commuted to work, I started a shopping search on my smartphone that I cut short, figuring I'd complete it with plans to hopefully make a purchase later today on my laptop.

We move seamlessly from one screen to another, and increasingly use several at the same time. That's not surprising. But it might shock you to learn that, on average, we spend 4.4 hours of our leisure time each day in front of screens, according to research commissioned by Google and revealed in this Google Mobile Ads Blog post today. Ninety per cent of all media interactions were on a screen of some type or another, which left 10 per cent for radio and print versions of newspapers and magazines, the study found.

And our smartphones are crucial. We may use them for shorter stretches of time than we use the TV, personal computer or tablet — but we are gravitating to them more and more frequently.

Per interaction, the time spent staring at a particular screen ranged from 17 minutes for the smartphone, half an hour for a tablet, 39 minutes for a personal computer or laptop and 43 minutes for TV. However, 38 per cent of our daily media interactions occur on a smartphone, 24 per cent on a personal computer, and only nine percent on a tablet, the research found.

Most of the time, when we use two devices simultaneously, it's for email, followed by browsing and social networking.

TV watching gets the brunt of our distractedness. When we are using a TV, 77 per cent of the time we are using another device concurrently. About half the time, we're grabbing for our smartphones, according to Google.


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StevieC posted a comment   

i still find a gap when using devices 'seamlessly'
i often am on facebook and find an artical i want to read, but, later. so before it disappears in my newsfeed i have to, open in safari, email the link to myself, and read it on my laptop. if i could just send bookmarks on things to my mac for later it would be much easier.

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