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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Are you Australia's next top bladesman?

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(Credit: Halfbrick Studios)

So, you've been playing Fruit Ninja for long enough to have filled a dump truck with fruit salad, and you think you're pretty good. But do you have what it takes to be Australia's Fruit Ninja master?

Brisbane's Halfbrick Studios is looking for the best bladesman (or bladeswoman) in the country, and is going on a roadshow to find them. It will start in Brisbane, before heading down the coast to Sydney and Melbourne, and then returning to Sydney on 30 May for the grand finale. Contesting combatants stand to win a bunch of prizes, including a trip to Japan for the overall winner.

  • Brisbane: Monday, 21 May, Queen Street Mall, 10am — 7pm
  • Sydney: Thursday, 24 May, Darling Harbour, 10am — 7pm
  • Melbourne: Saturday, 26 May, Federation Square, 10am — 7pm

To sweeten the deal, Halfbrick is also showing off the latest Fruit Ninja gameplay update at the events, and will be giving fans a chance to meet the brains behind the game.

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