Ariel Atom-inspired racing simulator costs a cool $19k

The new TL1 is an all-in-one racing, flight and first-person-shooting motion simulator, which comes with some pretty neat hardware.

Motion Simulator TL1

(Credit: Motion Simulator)

These include a spherical screen utilising three projectors to deliver a whopping 5760x1200-pixel resolution, as well as a fully adjustable seating system that supports optional motion transducers.

Moreover, the DNA of the road-legal Ariel Atom track car is incorporated through a sleek 2.7x2.4x2.0m shell, which uses steel and composite materials to house all of the components.

Produced by UK-based maker Motion Simulation in collaboration with Ariel Motor Company, the TL1 simulator is probably priced beyond most consumers with its steep US$19,000 price tag.

In fact, in many countries, you can even buy an actual car for less. However, if you're not deterred by the exorbitant price, you can get more details on Motion Simulation's website.

In the video of the machine in action (below), first reported on by Engadget, note how the life-like visuals add to the overall realism and user experience.

Via CNET Asia

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Konnect posted a comment   

$19K? It better be able to run Forza while we're at it.


MarkP7 posted a comment   

****le is misleading "Racing simulator more expensive than the car that inspired it" whereas the simulator is $19,000 which is way less than an Atom.


MarkP7 posted a reply   

WTF? Why is the site filtering the word t i t l e?


Derek Fung posted a reply   

I can't answer that last question (although we'll have it looked into).

I've fixed the title. Apologies.


MarkP7 posted a reply   

Thanks Derek.

I understand the word "t i t" being filtered but I would have thought it appearing as part of another word would be fine.

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