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Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger now has a "verified account" on popular social fitness network Fitocracy, becoming its one millionth member.

(Credit: Fitocracy)

Fitocracy aims to get you up and moving by combining two popular formats: social networking and gaming. Record your workouts on the Fitocracy network, and you'll not only be able to share your activities with your friends list, you'll also get points to level up based on what you've done.

It's the gamification of exercise, complete with achievements, quests and even the opportunity to challenge people on your friends list.

It's not surprising that it's proven popular, with iOS and Android apps joining the web interface. Now Fitocracy is announcing that Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the network, officially becoming its 1,000,000th member.

Arnie is a verified Fitocrat, so you can rest assured that you're actually comparing your workouts to a former Mr Universe, and not someone having a laugh from the basement of their house. You can check out Schwarzenegger's Fitocracy page, but it looks like you'll have to log in to be able to view it. His About Me section currently reads:

When I was young, I was focused on winning championships. But eventually, I wanted to look beyond the mirror and inspire others to find the joy of training. Since then, I've been on a fitness crusade.

Arnold hasn't done too much yet — in fact, at the time of writing, he was yet to log a single exercise, so now's the time to jump in and prove that you're much tougher than a 65-year-old man.

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