Artistic nude photography: A how-to guide

Nude photography is one of the most intimate and difficult styles to master. CNET Australia provides a beginner's how-to guide to get the most artistic shots.

We attended a workshop run by French photographer Marie Brokensha at Sydney's TAP Gallery. Marie is an award-winning photographer who has received commissions from the French Government, and was a finalist in the 2008 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize.

Marie runs workshops on nude photography, for both amateurs and professionals in Sydney — all information can be found on her website.

To get the best shots in these situations you'll need to invest in a dSLR. This is because it will give you greater control over your shots, as you will be able to adjust exposure, shutter speed and aperture. You will also be able to interchange lenses to deal with different shooting scenarios as they occur. All shots here were taken with a Nikon D700 with a 24-120mm lens, which is a wide-angle zoom that has a good focal length for portraiture.

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Boudoir posted a comment   

Love the second last image. Very artistic.


Ownassis posted a comment   

I deifnitely would have needed a tripod to take those shots!

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