Aston Martin Virage (2011)

The new Virage, which somehow fits between the DBS and DB9, features active suspension, a new nav system and an optional Bang & Olufsen sound system. Oh, and a 6-litre V12.

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With its DB9, DBS and Vantage, you would think that Aston Martin's got the luxury coupe and convertible market well covered. But the company, obviously feeling there was room to squeeze in another car, has announced the all-new Virage, to be unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

The Virage is another sport touring coupe, and Aston Martin says it fits between the DB9 and DBS. The car is powered by a 6-litre V12, similar to the 380kW motor used in the DBS, but is supposed to offer more of the comfort and style of the DB9.

Unlike its siblings, the Virage gets active suspension, which automatically adjusts damping based on sensor data; it also comes standard with ceramic brakes.

Aston Martin says the Virage will come with a new navigation system, 6.5-inch high-resolution display, Bluetooth hands-free, USB and a 700-watt audio system. A Bang & Olufsen audio system can be spotted in photos of the car and will likely be a premium option. If the B&O system is anything like those found in the DB9 and DBS, then it will have 13 speakers and 1000 watts of amplification.


Aston Martin will announce more details at the Geneva Motor Show. The Virage will be available in coupe and convertible forms.


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Zig posted a review   

The Good:Awesome looks and interior

The Bad:I can't afford one

Does this mean there is another Bond movie coming out?

The exhaust note on these Aston Martins is insane!


nike posted a review   

i like your car is go and very fast


PeteL posted a comment   

The Good:Great Insanely Good Looks, Good Engine

The Bad:nothing

coolest car ever

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