Asus and Netgear working on Google TV products

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They haven't been announced yet, but both companies have Google-powered set-top boxes on the way.

Google TV
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Recent musing from industry analysts suggests that Google TV may become the default OS for IPTV services. Well, according to a report from GigaOM, Netgear and Asus may be set to jump the gun on this with their own Google TV boxes.

Filings with the FCC in the US show that Asus is working on a Google TV-powered device called the Asus Qube. The Verge suggested that the Qube will actually be a media streamer that will replace the ill-loved Nexus Q.

Meanwhile, Netgear has the NeoTV Prime — a streaming box complete with double-sided remote and even dedicated buttons for services such as HBO and YouTube.

Smart money is on the two companies showing all of this off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2013, meaning that Australians could have a long wait to see these, if we ever do. We've contacted Netgear and Asus locally, and we'll update if we get any replies.

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