Asus announces local pricing for Trio, T100 and Zenbook refresh

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Asus has revealed Australian pricing and availability for its Transformer Book T100, Transformer Trio and the new-look Zenbook range.

The new-look Zenbook.
(Credit: Asus)

Asus is calling the Transformer Book Trio a "3-in-1". It's a dual-OS device running Android in tablet mode and Windows 8 when docked with its "PC Station" keyboard (although users can swap back to Android if required).

However, you can also plug a monitor into the PC Station dock (via micro HDMI or Mini DisplayPort) and use it as a Windows 8 PC, while the tablet screen is being used as a separate device.

The Tranformer Trio.
(Credit: Asus)

This all works, obviously, by having two sets of processors in the two halves of the Trio — an Intel Atom for the tablet and a fourth-gen Intel Core i5 for the PC Station. The tablet features an 11.6-inch Full HD in-plane switching (IPS) screen and 16GB of storage, while the PC Station has a 500GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM.

The Trio will be in retail from late November for AU$1599.

The Transformer Book T100 is a 10.1-inch Windows 8.1 hybrid tablet. Running on Intel's Bay Trail Atom processor, the T100 tablet weighs 550g, with the keyboard dock adding another 520g.

The Tranformer T100.
(Credit: Asus)

That's light but not exactly slim: the tablet is 10.5mm thick, with the dock adding another 13.1mm to that.

The T100 is available from today, 24 October, at AU$599. Only the 64GB version is available locally, unlike the US, which has both the 32GB and 64GB versions.

Finally, Asus has refreshed its Zenbook ultrabook range with two new-look models: the UX301 and the UX302.

The new design has a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the top panel of the Zenbook, adding a high-gloss but durable finish. The range is available in a few different configurations of processor and screen, with the UX301 having the option of a 2560x1440 WQHD screen, Core i7 processor and two 256GB SSDs.

The UX301 is slightly sleeker than the 302: 1.2kg compared to 1.45kg and 15.5mm thick compared to 17.2mm.

The two new Zenbooks will be available in November, with the RRP starting at AU$1799.

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Amdillae posted a comment   

While it is annoying, I have no problem in theory with the concept of the "Australia Tax" that comes into play with electronics, especially with the lower US dollar right now. But the t100 has a RRP that is half as much again as that of the US release. There is no way they can justify that sort of price hike. I really want to buy a T100 but I feel somewhat sick at paying that kind of markup.

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