Asus Eee PC 1005HA-H

Asus hits nearly all the marks in the 1005HA-H, the latest version of its iconic Eee PC, highlighted by a six-hour-plus battery life.

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We were very fond of the previous version of Asus' Eee PC, the 1008HA, which represented a radical design change from the boxy Eee PCs of the past. But its high-end (for a netbook) price, at AU$899, slipped just over the line for many, and its non-removable battery wasn't as long-lasting as we've seen in other Eee PCs.

The latest revision, called the 1005HA-H, keeps the slim, tapered design but ditches the somewhat cumbersome cover flaps on the ports and adds a more traditional six-cell battery. This means a slightly thicker and heavier system, but also one that's our current netbook battery life leader. Add in a shaved price tag at AU$799, and you have what may be our new go-to netbook choice.

The design of the 1005HA-H is based on the (slightly slimmer) 1008HA model. There's a tapered front lip, but the new model lacks some of the space-saving features of the 1008HA, such as the angled Ethernet jack and hidden mini-VGA port. Rather than a potentially smaller SSD drive, there's a standard 160GB HDD inside, augmented by a free 10GB online data storage subscription for 18 months, for backing up files to a remote server.

While slightly thicker and heavier than other recent netbooks, it's still a vast improvement over the first few generations of mini laptops, which had a universally boxy, toy-like feel. Our review unit was glossy black, which was prone to picking up fingerprints; blue is also available.

The flat, wide keyboard, similar to what we saw on the Eee PC 1008HA, is among the better netbook keyboards we've used, and the full-size right Shift key is one of those things you don't realise is very important until it goes missing. The touch pad is demarcated by a rectangle of raised dots on the wrist rest, and works well, although we found ourselves going into the touch pad settings and jacking up the default pointer speed.

A single quick-access button above the keyboard is for disabling the touch pad (handy if you're using an external USB mouse), and Asus' different preset power profiles are accessible by hitting the Fn key plus the space bar. New to this model is a software suite that acts as a software dock popping out of the top of the screen (by default, but switchable). From there, you can access functions such as screen brightness presets and media players. Most netbook users we talk to are no-nonsense types who just want to surf the web or send email, so learning the ins and outs of a proprietary menu bar system may not be high in the list of priorities.

The 10.1-inch LED display offers a 1024x600 native resolution, which is standard for a netbook, although higher-end systems are starting to add 1366x768 display options. The backlit LED allows the lid to be very thin, and also use less power than a more traditional LCD display.

The 1005HA-H offers a fairly standard set of ports and connections, lacking only the ExpressCard slot we've seen on some high-end netbooks. We prefer to have our connections out in the open, rather than hidden behind hinged plastic doors (as in the 1008HA model), although we have to admit, the 1008HA's tiny, angled Ethernet jack was an impressive engineering feat.

With Intel's N280 Atom CPU, the system was, not surprisingly, on par with other current netbooks, even those with the slightly slower N270 version of the ubiquitous Atom. We have yet to meet an Atom-powered netbook that vastly outperformed or underperformed the pack. The basic rule of thumb is that for basic tasks such as word processing, web surfing and email, an Atom netbook is more than adequate, as long as you keep your expectations modest.

The real star here is the system's battery life. Asus has always had some of the longest-lived netbooks, and the new 1005HA-H got an impressive six hours and 51 minutes in our video playback battery drain test — more than its cousin the Eee PC 1000HE, and more than two hours better than the non-removable battery in the 1008HA model.

Asus also includes its Super Hybrid Engine feature in the system, which is essentially a series of power-saving presets to further extend battery life. These are mostly power consumption tweaks one could perform individually, but it's handy to have them all in one place.

While we've reviewed the 1005HA-H here, there are actually two other models in the market — the 1005HA and 1005HA-M. Both feature an Atom N270 processor and a 0.3 megapixel webcam instead of the 1.3 found in the 1005HA-H, whereas the M's defining feature is Bluetooth 2.0+EDR support. The 1005HA retails for AU$599, the 1005HA-M for AU$699.

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Asus Eee PC 1005HA-H

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Hellosuny posted a review   

The Good:Superb Battery Backup, Very Smart Touchpad

The Bad:Keyboard seems to be very loose on left. A & S Keys area

It is light weight, worthy and friendly. BUT, you get a feeling that the left side of the keyboard is missing a screw from the bottom. I thought the same and took it back to the vendor. He showed me 2 more pieces and all were same. I sighed and came back. Now it is very annoying when you type fast and the keys make a cheap plastic sound. Seems as if the notebook met a crash and needs servicing.


meels posted a review   

The Good:everything

The Bad:not alot other than the fan is small and the bottom of the machine gets hot

I bought this on ebay for $230, it is amazing. I love it, it came with windows 7 and i installed Microsoft office and it is perfect for study and travel. It's battery life is not so great at about 3-4 hrs without being on charge but it is easy to pick up a better battery for about $50. I would recommend this to anyone who can get it for a good price.

great white

great white posted a review   

The Good:perfect for travelling, battery life

The Bad:not much

Perfect to take on my travels and to be able to keep in touch with everyone. Battery life is great.


al posted a review   

The Good:Great little unit - powerful and great for travel

The Bad:nothing - except the sync software changed my ip address so the wireless didn't work till I found the problem

I'm just getting rid of my laptop that is twice the size and 2.5x the weight.


Mina posted a review   

The Good:Battery life, proccessor, webcam, keyboard, size,screen

The Bad:fan is pretty noisy

The Asus Eee pc 1005HA-H is a very good little laptop for kids to develop there skill in how to use a computer and is reliable and convenient. The Battery life can last for 10 days on an average of 1 hour a day so please do not look further for a laptop THIS IS THE ONE

By the way this is exactly the same review i wrote before its just that i forgot to rate it last time


Mina posted a comment   

The Good:screen, keyboard, battery life, size, webcam, processor

The Bad:fan is pretty noisy

The Eee PC 1005HA-H is a very good laptop for children to develop there it skills or just to have fun on the net i recommend this laptop for every person looking at this reveiw please keep in mind that it is very good for its pricing and specefications


nightrider posted a review   

The Good:* Bright 10.1" WSVGA (1024x600) LED Backlight Display is a winner, no complaints.

The Bad:* Keyboard could be better. Clunky key operation, compared to my aging eee PC 901, which has a more responsive quieter keyboard.

Niggles and Quality issues:
* The AC power adapter gets extremely hot to touch while charging and could present a fire risk, if placed on a combustible material (50C+).
* My original Asus 901 power connection is 5mm diameter and gives a positive connection. Asus have decided to reduce the size to just

2mm diameter, which is far too small and flimsy. After 2 hours charging the 1005HA, it was not working and I had to push the pin hard inside

the connector end to get it to work, mainly because it is such a loose and flimsy fit.
* Asus have decided to drop the standard color coding for microphone/headphone jacks. (green/pink) Good luck if you can detect the right one. Just 2 black 3.5mm jacks in a black casing, with black embossing! what tha! I had to use my torch to identify the correct one.
* The 2 USB ports next to each conflict and you cannot use both ports together, even if you try and force 2 USB flash sticks, you will probably damage something. (I tried Kingston, Sandisk & Lexar, none fit) The USB port spacing only needs to be increases by a few mm and it would be fine, OK Asus!

I can recommend the Asus 1005H netbook, it is not perfect, then nothing else is either. The pros probably outweigh the cons, the 10.1"

LEDscreen, 250Gb hardrive, H-Speed Wireless 802.11n, Windows 7 Starter and battery life are all excellent. Running Windows 7 starter takes around 40 - 45 secs boot up and shutdown times, windows operation is adequate, but it would run at more optimum speed with 2gb of ram.


wobsta posted a comment   

The Good:perfect size, battery life

The Bad:non practical gloss finish, keyboard too noisy, fan noise

i did a lot of research before narrowing it down to the samsung nc10, n120 and the 1005ha eeepc.

I'm not so sure i made the right the decision because after a few days use the negative aspects of this machine are far more annoying than the pleasure i get from the positives.

firstly the keyboard. i dont know if its just my one but it seems to be incredibly flimsy underneath and every time i type fast it makes this annoying (loose plastic bits not properly secured) noise.

then there is the finish. yeh it looks good after u pull it out of the box but u better enjoy that moment while it lasts bcz u got to prepare yourself for the new finger marks gloss finish which graces your new netbook after 2 days of use.

i regret buying this notebook


Nagy posted a review   

The Good:keyboard , screen , amazing battery , sleek design, and Eee storage automatic back-up

The Bad:fan is somehow noisy

This notebook delivers everything it is designed for.

It is perfect for web browsing, basic tasks on the go, even with 6-cell battery, it is still light and a pleasure to use.

The battery life is the best on the market , on basic tasks it lasts 10 hours......!

if you are after an ultraportable laptop for a variety of basic tasks on the go, look no further, buy this one.

brit in oz

brit in oz posted a review   

The Good:keyboard, screen, battery life,

The Bad:video mode for some programs

Awesome little unit, had it 2 days and hardly put it down over my large laptop. Perfect size for doing most routine tasks, worked office without a proble,. Only issues were in some graphics mode some programs dont rspond, e.g. google earth has to be set to direct X9 mode to work properly. EEE programs not much use and can be problematic in max resoluon but overall these are minor points compared to all the great positives. Imported from US for AUD 550 including shipping, dont get ripped off her

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User Reviews / Comments  Asus Eee PC 1005HA-H

  • Hellosuny



    "It is light weight, worthy and friendly. BUT, you get a feeling that the left side of the keyboard is missing a screw from the bottom. I thought the same and took it back to the vendor. He showed m..."

  • meels



    "I bought this on ebay for $230, it is amazing. I love it, it came with windows 7 and i installed Microsoft office and it is perfect for study and travel. It's battery life is not so great at about ..."

  • great white

    great white


    "Perfect to take on my travels and to be able to keep in touch with everyone. Battery life is great."

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