Asus G75VW

The G75VW is a very fine piece of engineering, something that any power user would be proud to wield.

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  • SereneJ


    "Just bought one of these for my husband because he was jealous of my Qosmio... it has the same soft-touch surface coating as my dildo."

  • JamesR9



    "Meh. Not that good, I own one, I cannot stand it's design, it isn't all that good with gaming, and the battery makes me sick. The Gamming isn't all that impressive either."

  • JamesR9


    "AHAHAHHA wow. I own the Qosmio F750, The review was so different, It ways way less than this laptop, you said The Qosmio is heaps heavy, when it's 2 times lighter than this computer, My Qosmio is s..."

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