ASUS Lamborghini VX2

It may not have Fernando Alonso behind the wheel, but the latest Lamborghini laptop looks like it has the pure muscle to snap benchmarks in two and still have time to grab a beer and pizza.

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Based on the Core 2 Duo platform, the Asus boasts a high-end video card as well as the next-generation draft-N wireless service. Combined with its sleek profile, those willing to pay a premium for looks and performance will certainly be enticed by the ASUS Lamborghini VX2.

Available in glossy black or shiny yellow, the showroom shine of the VX2 chassis is certainly eye-catching, with Lamborghini's distinctive shield adorning the top cover of the laptop. Aesthetics are also improved on from the VX1, with a leather bound palm rest area with yellow stitching designed to resemble the car interior. But what you are really paying AU$4,200 for is the blazing 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo processor, Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, high-end 512MB GeForce Go 7700 graphics engine and the 802.11n-compatible wireless radio (based on the draft-N standard). With these components, the VX2 should be able to run circles round its peers--which it had better do if this Lamborghini wants to offer all that the Ultimate version of Vista has to offer.

Other features include a 1.3-megapixel Webcam sitting atop the widescreen transflective display which can swivel within a 270-degree arc. ASUS also claims its fingerprint sensor in the VX2 differs from the usual surface scanning technology, going past the dead cell layer to detect and recognize the living epidermis. Hence, prior skin conditions should not affect the accuracy of the sensor.

For a laptop with a high retail tag, it certainly is stingy with USB ports, offer only three of the common port standard for your peripheral needs. Moreover, with so many high-end components the Lamborghini portable may end up as a gas-guzzler, requiring refueling after a few short laps round the virtual track.

Beyond the ASUS fence lies the boring but powerful Dell Inspiron 9400. It offers an equally powerful Core 2 Duo processor for AU$3,346 and the kick-ass GeForce Go 7900 GS video card with 256MB of memory--which may equal or even best the VX2 for many gaming titles.

The ASUS Lamborghini VX2 offers pure computing muscle in a stylish and attractive (if somewhat USB-stingy) design. However, those not impressed enough to fork out AU$4200 to be associated with the famous race car brand may prefer cheaper options with similar performance benchmarks.

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I dunno posted a comment   

I think I found a better one, Asus G50vt B1


Brian posted a review   

The Good:an(acer)laptop with intel centrio dual core, 1Gb ddr, & intel graphics upto 256mb

The Bad:can laptops can these games like NFS most wanted..?......

Can high graphic games be played on

Jamed D

Jamed D posted a review   

The Good:too many, i don't evenhave the words to explain how good it is

The Bad:it is a bit pricy but apart from that it is the BEST.

it is the best computer i have ever come across everything is fantastic.Especially the lamborghini logo

Tech Expert (V.I.P)

Tech Expert (V.I.P) posted a review   

The Good:It's Running Around 1000 Songs A CFew Movies And Sims 2 With Expansions At A High Performance Rate

The Bad:Very Sleek Design But So Externnal Touch Screen Such A pity Oh Well You Can't Get Everything Out Of Peoples Ideas

By Far The Best Performence P.C


lenard posted a review   

I never seen this computer in real life and i want to buy one. and thers so many good and bad commments on it so wats good?or true?


hahas posted a review   

4200? rediculous


dawesta posted a review   

The Good:High specification, the accessories that come with it, the (relatively) understated looks of it.

The Bad:Windows vista, although that is a matter of opinion! There is a slight creak from the touchpad, although I have not owned a laptop yet that doesn't squeak somewhere.

An absolutely superb laptop, I find it has plenty of power to run everything I want it to run and it looks and feels like a quality product. An absolute joy to use.

raul gonzalez

raul gonzalez posted a review   

The Good:to many to mention...

The Bad:didn't find any

it is by far the fastest and most intelegent computer i have ever dealt with


ananymous posted a review   

The Good:looks only

The Bad:extremly low value for money

bad battery,
mic sounds terrible when closing lid,
noise when power is connected using Skype,


messy posted a review   

The Good:512 graphic card Gforce 7700 look fantastic even in my pc i am using 256 also the 2.16 Ghertz proccesore ....

The Bad:the only things is the price is quit hight but with all those features i like to buy it as soon as i can

one the best laptop i ever saw with high qulity of features

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User Reviews / Comments  ASUS Lamborghini VX2

  • I dunno

    I dunno

    "I think I found a better one, Asus G50vt B1"

  • Brian



    "Can high graphic games be played on "

  • Jamed D

    Jamed D


    "it is the best computer i have ever come across everything is fantastic.Especially the lamborghini logo"

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