Asus offers free GPS extension kit for Transformer Prime owners

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While we liked the Transformer Prime, some people did take issue with its wireless performance, and GPS became such an issue that Asus officially removed it from the specs.

(Credit: Asus)

Announced today, Asus is offering a free GPS extension kit in the form of a dongle.

Owners of a Prime can apply for their free kit here, and will need to sign up to an Asus account, register their product and supply their serial number to complete the transaction.

The program will operate until 31 July 2012, so if you're an affected customer you'll need to act quickly.

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darylcheshire posted a comment   

I registered early April then learned the offer is only valid for US/Canada customers. :(

I take it that since this is an AU site that Australians can now avail themselves of this offer?


Craig Simms posted a reply   

Yep, Australians are now able to apply until July 31.

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