Asus Taichi

The Taichi is an experiment. While some may find a use for its dual screens, and it's built well enough, the lack of a touchscreen on the interior and troubling battery life could put even those people off.

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  • Confused99


    "Heavy Battery Test:

    Macbook Air 11 (mid-2012) - 2:24
    "You can get better battery life by getting a physically larger laptop, but for the size it does reasonably well." Craig Simm..."

  • LongH


    "I was just wondering what the touchpad was like? Is it as responsive as the Macbooks?"

  • PaulK8


    "I agree EricP1

    This is an ingenious invention, one that is far greater than a new pixel level in a camera or free from an app store. Can we have a proper bench mark appraisal from CNet..."

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