Asus to launch Padfone and high-res TF700 tablet in July

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Computer maker Asus is gearing up for a big second half of the year, with the company aiming for a July launch date for two of its major upcoming Android-powered devices.

A phone, a tablet, a laptop: the Asus Padfone.
(Credit: Asus)

According to comments on the Asus Australia Facebook page (and spotted by the chaps over at Ausdroid), both the Padphone and the latest Transformer tablet, the TF700, will be available locally in July. The latter is the Asus answer to the "resolutionary" display in Apple's new iPad, boasting a 1920x1200-pixel resolution across a 10.1-inch panel. The tablet will also include a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, similar to the one that the company used for the Transformer Prime release at the beginning of the year.

The Padfone is a new concept for Asus mobile devices, and for the industry as a whole. Comprised of several components, the Padfone is a smartphone with a 4.3-inch display that is designed to be inserted into a tablet-sized touchscreen frame. Once inside, the phone powers the tablet display, which in turn can be plugged in to a keyboard dock, like the Transformer tablets.

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Ermintrude posted a comment   

I suspect that there are a lot of folk like me who have been waiting for a decent hires Android tablet. But this numbskull decision to offer only one $900 option will turn many potential customers away.

There are many folk that are just looking for a tablet and don't want the keyboard. If I need a keyboard I will use my laptop.

The two most important parameters for a tablet are the screen and the apps. The Infinity cannot beat the IPAD on either.

Apple have many more tablet optimized apps than Android and I would guess Android has even fewer apps designed to take advantage of a hires tablet.

I don't want to buy Apple but any objective assessment of the key criteria makes it very difficult to pay more for an Android tablet than an IPAD.

Android tablets can't compete on resolution or apps so they need to compete on price.

A 32GB Infinity without keyboard for $600 would be fair value when compared to the equivalent IPAD which retails for $650.

I don't want to buy Apple but I feel compelled to.

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