Augmented reality in Aussie film clip

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Augmented reality is so hot right now. With Sony's EyePet coming soon for PlayStation and dozens of apps available for the iPhone it seems everyone wants to get in on some Minority Report action.

But the technology isn't just limited to games and "find the nearest pub": Sydney band Lost Valentinos has decided to use the technology in its latest film clip, and is asking for help from the public.

Visitors to the band's website can currently print out markers corresponding to each of the band members who will automagically appear on their desktops, and users can then record their own clips of the band. Do we need a new web-point-oh number for this?

This could be the start of an augmented reality craze, as we've heard news of a car ad featuring this technology is also in the works. But what's next? Packed to the Rafters? Hey Hey It's Saturday? Get in now before Fonzie puts on his water skis.

(Source: Gizmodo)

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jackie posted a comment   

Love this use of AR! Specifically the high levels of interaction the individual markers allow for.

While John Mayer will no doubt receive tons more press (and credit) for his new AR video, I actually appreciate Lost Valentinos’ execution more. Each band member has his own marker and users are encouraged to play around with them and produce their own videos.

Mayer’s Heartbreak Warfare, on the other hand, only provides users with one option, which is to watch the video in AR, thus there is a more limited interaction.

I’ve posted more about both Lost Valentinos and John Mayer’s AR music videos here:


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