Aussie carriers jump on Windows Phone 7

Three major handset manufacturers this morning revealed plans to release new devices based on Microsoft's next-generation Windows Phone 7 handsets into the Australian market over the next few months through partnerships with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

LG Optimus 7

LG Optimus 7 (Credit: LG)

Overnight, Microsoft supremo Steve Ballmer fully revealed the new Microsoft mobile platform for the first time. However, Australian consumers had to wait until an event in Sydney this morning to find out what exactly they could buy and when.

At the event, HTC announced it would launch its HTC 7 Mozart device with a 3.7-inch display, 8-megapixel camera and 8GB internal memory on Telstra's Next G network from 21 October for zero dollars upfront on a 24-month plan running at AU$49 a month. HTC also announced that another handset will be launched in January next year — the HTC HD 7.

The HTC 7 Trophy will be available through Vodafone on 21 October. The telco has not released pricing or plan information as yet.

Samsung announced its Omnia 7 handset, which features a 4-inch super AMOLED touchscreen and a 1GHz CPU. Omnia 7 will be available through Optus in late October, for zero dollars upfront on the AU$79 Optus Cap plan for consumers and zero dollars upfront on the AU$79 Business Complete Ultimate plan for business. Both plans are on a 24-month contract with a minimum spend of AU$1896.

The LG Optimus 7, which has a 3.8-inch display, will be available exclusively on the Optus network in late October for nothing upfront on an AU$79 cap plan for consumers and nothing upfront on an AU$79 Business Complete Ultimate plan for business customers. Both plans are on 24-month contract with a minimum spend of AU$1896.

LG also announced a second handset on Telstra's network — the LG Optimus 7Q. The device comes with a full QWERTY keyboard and will launch in November on a $0 upfront AU$129 cap plan with unlimited national calls, SMS and MMS with 3GB data per month on a 24-month contract.

The Optimus 7Q handset is available for business customers on the AU$79 Business Mobile Cap plan, which includes AU$750 worth of standard voice, video, text and MMS "to any Australian network" and 500MB of data per month. Customers will receive a bonus 500MB per month if signed before 30 November. A range of Telstra Enterprise and Government plans are also available for the 7Q.

Telstra confirmed that the handsets will be available to buy outright and unlocked; however, further information could not be provided at the time.

"With Windows Phone 7 we have redesigned the smartphone. The focus is on people and what we do everyday — the friends we connect with, the games we play and the way we interact with each other — making everyday tasks easier and faster," said Tracey Fellows, managing director, Microsoft Australia, who appeared to place a focus on Telstra's partnership with Microsoft on the new handsets.

"We are delighted to have Telstra as our major launch partner for Windows Phone 7," she said at the launch. "Telstra's market reach and leading Next G network will be key ingredients for Windows Phone 7's success in Australia."


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AndrewF1 posted a comment   

Why is bing voice search not working in australia??? when will it come?


BONES posted a comment   

iPhone wasn't available on a $49 plan when it was released and Microsoft have specified pretty high-end hardware for WP7. All the handsets on offer are premium products initially but I imagine that down the line we'll see something closer in price to a Samsung Wave, which you can get for $0 upfront on a $19 plan, running WP7. That is where Microsoft will have a distinct advantage over Apple - I'd happily buy an iPhone 4, except for the fact it is blighted by multiple problems, something which Microsoft neatly side-step. I've been hugely impressed with my mate's Wave and also with my Zune's UX. If I can get a phone that offers the best of both, which looks like the Samsung Omnia 7, I'd grab one in a heartbeat.


g1nchy posted a comment   

i think telstra has broken away from the rest for once offering 3g of data on a $79 plan. usually they've run at .5gb - 1gb. So in a way the data plan is value for money. Just wish they had bought some of the better handsets that were on display. the LG optimus would be better suited to a $45-$55 price point. Yes you can have iphones on a 45 plan but thats 1gb data.
It's not the same when you compare Apples for Apples.


Rick posted a comment   

$79 plan ? that much extra for Win Phone license? another money making exercise for M$, where Android and Iphone are competitive at 49/59. this pricing are out range


SWICK posted a comment   

What about the HTC HD7?


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Hi Swick,

Only the Mozart and the Trophy are scheduled for Aussie release. It doesn't look like we're going to see the HD7 here.


eby posted a reply   

i'd just get one from overseas like i have always done. Australian telcos are very slack in landing high end smart phones.


Anon posted a comment   

Vodafone and Three are now one company


eby posted a reply   

and very expensive


Dre posted a comment   

What about three? C'mon....Been waiting for this

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