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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Aussie iOS apps price matched with US

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Good news today for Aussie Apple app-scalions!

The iTunes store is now showing a matching Australian and US price for apps that are up to the AU$2.99 mark, reducing the minimum price of paid apps to AU$0.99. An Apple spokesperson told the Sydney Morning Herald that this reflects "changes in foreign exchange rates and local tax laws". This change comes three years after the launch of the App Store in Australia, where the minimum price of apps had been AU$1.19.

The decrease only applies to apps, however, with the price of songs and movies available through iTunes still showing a considerable price difference, reflecting disparity in licensing agreements. Recent release True Grit, for example, is available to buy for US$14.99 compared to the AU$24.99 price tag for Australians.

The alignment of pricing across the App Store is a positive move by Apple to win over Aussie tech lovers; a community who is often the brunt of unfair price comparisons with overseas markets.

Apple has been called out recently for selling its software for a higher price in Australia, as have other major tech companies like Adobe and Valve's Steam gaming service. Hopefully this move by Apple suggests the direction the company will continue with for as long as the Australian dollar holds firm.

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VK6XZ posted a comment   

Interesting to see that they have only dropped the price on the lowest priced items where the loss of revenue is least.

This change also puts an end to the typical response that is given when querying the price differential:
- Apple say it is the vendor that sets the price; and
- The vendor states that Apple sets the price.
Of course both statements are correct. The vendor sets the price in their own country, but apple then allocate the price in all other countries based on the home country price set by the vendor.

Unfortunately it is not so easy to purchase offshore with Apple as they have full control of the devices. It is easy for them to delete prior purchases that have been made outside your area of domicile.


StuartF posted a comment   

Adobe are atrocious at this, with the same bs excuses. "Cost of doing business"...!?! The call centre's in Dublin and they shipped a box to me which I paid the extra shipping for... So why do the same 1s and 0s cost $1000 more?

Buying through the US next time!

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