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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Aussie-made sci-fi short film looks incredible

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(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Independent Melbourne film-maker Jesse O'Brien has created an amazing 10-minute sci-fi film called Arrowhead: Signal.

Set on the distant desert planet of Arrowhead, it follows protagonist Kye, who's been left behind, alone, after a hostage mission went wrong. But he's not as alone as he seems; something else is on Arrowhead with him, a symbiotic alien life form that is about to get into his bloodstream.

It's Jekyll and Hyde meets Robinson Crusoe. The Incredible Hulk in the distant stars. A bullets-and-sand adventure that will introduce pulp science fiction to the cerebral, character-based intimacy of independent cinema.

Arrowhead: Signal documents Kye's first encounter with the life form, and it's jaw-droppingly good, with the vast desert vistas and even vaster skies creating an achingly poignant feeling of isolation as Kye goes about his day-to-day routine. It reminds us of nothing so much as Duncan Jones' brilliant Moon starring Sam Rockwell. And maybe a bit of 1956's Forbidden Planet.

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

But it's just a taste. O'Brien hopes to expand the film into a full feature, using crowd funding from Pozible, and, given the dearth of Australian science-fiction films, that's an ambition to be lauded.

O'Brien said of the film's background:

A few years ago, I had become frustrated with the state of genre cinema in Australia. With most of the films being made through the government funding agencies, where crew wages are set, it seems that only what little budget is left makes it onto the screen. So I had a big idea, one that was more ambitious than could be made through the traditional channels. My imagination got the better of me as I became captivated by this world that I had begun to create.

It really is a stunning bit of work. You can watch the video below, and visit the Arrowhead: Signal Pozible page for more information and to support O'Brien's endeavour.

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NicholasR posted a comment   

Yet . . . again . . . the . . . computers . . . BEEP





Whywhywhywhywhywhywhy do computers in cinema ALWAYS BEEP? Can you imagine if computers REALLY DID make noises every time they did something? A cube farm would sound like the bridge of the Enterprise ON STEROIDS.

Read my digital lips: computers DON'T BEEP. They NEVER HAVE. They NEVER WILL. Except in *sigh* films like this -- short or long.

And who is KING OF THE BEEP????? Well, the queen, actually: "Mother" in the movie Alien. It just COULDN'T SHUT UP.

Do me and the world a favor: LOSE THE BEEP.


howedw74 posted a comment   

Wow CNET must only have Top US Film Makers reading their articles.

I could never make a short film, let alone one like this.

Excellent work Jesse.

Maybe your next Sci-fi film could feature a couple of "Trolls", looks like some volunteers below willing to help.


JesseO1 posted a reply   

Thanks very much for your comments! The retro-tech aesthetic was one that we had in mind from the beginning. Rather than use the now overdone 'Minority Report' flashy motion graphics, we wanted to make a sci-fi movie that felt like it was made in the 80s. We love late 70s/early 80s science fiction movies and this was our intention. Whether we pulled it off or not is another story!


Jono1234 posted a comment   

You would have thought no one had heard of an "Alternate universe". Some people just don't get science fiction. Its pretty narrow minded to only see science fiction in the light of what our world or future might look like.


RichardC6 posted a comment   

Cool concept But reef needs to be more advanced it looks like an old 80's computer torn down and redone, my home computer looks more advanced then that Other then rethinking the future tech on the movie I think it would be cool to see as a full length movie


rkc_62 posted a comment   

Good music... (my Mum always taught that if you don't have anything nice to say...)
Geez - the propmaster should be thoroughly ashamed. Whenever I started to think it might improve, some awful 1970s tech prop would appear and smash my suspension of disbelief.


BaileyB posted a comment   

wow, that is crap.

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