Aussies left out of 'global' Xperia X1 release

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Sony Ericsson has announced its global release schedule for the highly anticipated Xperia X1 smartphone, beginning with the UK, Germany and Switzerland on 30 September, but Australia will not see the X1 until at least three months later.

The statement from Sony Ericsson indicates that the X1 will also be released in selected Asia Pacific countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan, shortly after in the fourth quarter of 2008. Australians will not see a local release of the phone until the first quarter of 2009.

A spokesperson for Sony Ericsson said that the Q1 release schedule for Australia was in line with the company's original expectations, but could not comment on why Australia would have to wait.

The Xperia X1 is Sony Ericsson's first attempt at manufacturing a business-focused mobile phone running Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system. Early details of the phone's specifications suggested a full-featured smartphone to rival the likes of established smartphone brands like BlackBerry and HTC's Touch series. The X1 also features a high resolution touchscreen colour display similar to Apple's iPhone 3G.

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David posted a comment   

Boycott the Xperia for making us wait that long!


stubbs posted a comment   

Hey uh Bob...what the hell are you talking about? Australia is getting the Xperia 3 months later than everywhere else...because Australians...stole the shipment? Uh huh that makes sense...


Bob posted a comment   

No it's because the shipment got stolen by British convicts (ie. Australians). Or maybe it's because Australians are so whacked out up on P and dope that they aren't paying attention to new technology.


PawPrints-Pete posted a comment   

dav - totally agree with you there. I'm thinking that maybe it's because we're such a big bunch of mobile phone users per capita, that they should use the rest of the world as guinea pigs before they send us the perfected phone ;) lol


dav posted a comment   

so unfair! i guess we can at least see how it performs before we shell out the reportedly huge price tag...


uccoffee posted a comment   

Dazza of Darwin , why is 400x240=192000 pixels???
The correct maths is
400 x 240 = 96000
384000/96000 = 4
I ll support BChau for his correct mathamatic calculation.


Dazza of Darwin posted a comment   

re: BChau with the X1 having 4 times the reso...

You, uh, need to do your maths...

X1's reso is only 2 times better... 800x480=384000 pixels. 400x240=192000 pixels. 384000/192000=2

Not saying it isn't going to be better....just correcting your logic!


BChau posted a comment   

The X1 has 4 times the resolution of iPhone. X1 screen resolution is 800x480 while iPhone is 400x240. Meaning the display of X1 will be much sharper and smoother.

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