Australia to see Apple's iPhone 4 in July

The next version of the iPhone will hit Australia in July as part of the second wave of countries to receive the handset, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs revealed this morning after demonstrating the new device.


(Credit: Apple)

The phone will be available in the US, France, Germany, the UK and Japan from 24 June, but Australia will have to wait until July.

Jobs did not reveal Australian pricing for the device, but the 16GB model will retail in the United States for US$199, which converts to AU$244.39 at today's exchange rates, and US$299 for the 32GB model — or AU$367.10. The iPhone 4 will be available in two colours: white and black.

Apple will stop selling the legacy 3G version of the iPhoneWhistleOut has reported that Optus has already stopped selling that model — and the previous 3GS model will slip to US$99.

Jobs this morning announced a raft of changes to the iPhone compared with previous models, starting with the redesigned exterior, which features a glass front and back and a rejuvenated flat design. The iPhone 4 can film HD video in 720p resolution, and features a new, high-resolution display with a higher pixel count for greater viewing fidelity. Apple has also built in a new feature dubbed "FaceTime", which allows users to make video calls via Wi-Fi using the iPhone 4's new camera on its front.

It is not yet clear which carriers in Australia will stock the iPhone 4, but Vodafone Australia stated on its Twitter account this morning that it would shortly publish a pre-registration page on its website.


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nudge nudge posted a comment   

avail mid July to be precise. well that is the goss anyway from Virgin Mobile.


mc123 posted a comment   

FM radio = Are you serious? In that case you might as well spec it up and include.... AM radio - by a 1980s walkman instead.


Walt posted a comment   

US Pricing is on 2 year contract to AT&T. Expect similar pricing to 3GS model.


TheBruce posted a comment   

Come on iPhone 4G under 400 I don;t think so. At the moment you can get the 3G iPhone for 99 in the US its Bloody 719 here

Apple stop picking on us Aussies


Tex posted a comment   

I think you'll find that the 8gb model is new. It is now a 3gs not just 3g. For $99US you can't go wrong if you're yearning for iPhone. Then again it all depends on AU pricing from Apple and our carriers.


sitcom posted a comment   

I've been hanging out for this news since Gizmodo bought and released the pics. So happy they stuck with this cool slimmer design.

ready to fork out the cost and buy one outright. We get a better deal living in Australia once you've considered how limited your options are in the US. I can't believe they are only just getting the option to use tethering.. i've been using it for the last year for an extra $9.95 per month.

I hope they're a bit tougher than the iPhone 3G. On my third edition since they kept malfunctioning (luckily within my warranty period)

I estimate I'll be spending $1049 for the 32GB


c5713 posted a comment   

and yet it still doesn't do everything my 5 year old nokia does.
eg. video calling?
Wheres the FM radio?
Where's the micro SD card slot to boost storage?
If they sell it out right $200 OK but at over a grand on mugs buy em.
PS I convert to MAC's so aren't anti apple


c3175 posted a reply   

Well said, c5713. I don't understand the lack of an FM radio either; well, it's not exactly 'rocket science', is it?
Aaah, the triumph of marketing...


Karl posted a comment   

What I think is great about iPhone 4 is UMTS/HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100.

So, Optus and Vodafone... 3G 900 in urban areas now? Can't use the 'Majority-customers-are-iPhone-customers-and-can't-use-3G 900-in-urban-areas' excuse now, eh?

Got to test a beta iPhone 4 today too.

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