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There's no firm arrival date for the Galaxy S4 yet, but telcos are already taking your "expressions of interest" for the new Samsung phone.

The Galaxy S4.
(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy S4 in Q2 of this year, with Gregory Lee, CEO of Samsung's operations in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Taiwan, telling CNET today that the company plans to roll out the device globally "almost simultaneously".

Where we stand in this line-up has yet to be determined. Similarly, when Samsung announced that the S4 will have two different processor varieties (a Qualcomm quad-core and a Exynos octo-core) it rather ominously said that the CPU selection would be "differed by markets", but there have been no call on what those markets are.

In Australia, the only official word from Samsung is that "the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available from Q2".

But even without a formal release date, pricing or finalised specs, the local telcos are on the case.

Telstra is taking details from customers who are eager for the S4 via a web form, and told us that "pricing and availability will be confirmed closer to launch".

Vodafone is following the same route — you can register your interest in the new Galaxy phone online, with pricing to be determined at a later date.

Optus seems to be the odd man out — it's confirmed that they'll have the phone (of course), but there doesn't appear to be a pre-pre-order method available at the moment.

Updated at 1.20pm AEDST: Optus got in touch with us and provided this link where people can register for "the latest updates on pricing and availability for the Samsung Galaxy S4". It currently 404s, but we assume it'll be up and running soon.

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bobbie b posted a comment   

galaxy phones are really great my 3 year old kids loves his-but a real man uses an iPhone


Shannon.Roberts posted a comment   

There is a mention of two different processor types, whilst im trawling the internet to try and compare the two from Qualcomm etc, i cant get a direct comparison. If anyone knows of any performance difference let me know by posting


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