Australian censors ban Manhunt

Manhunt banned in AustraliaThe Classification Review Board has voted 3-1 to ban the violent computer game Manhunt following an application by the federal Attorney General on the request of the Western Australian Minister for Justice.

In a statement released yesterday, the Classification Review Board said the game -- which has been available here since late last year under an MA15+ rating -- could not be legally sold, hired, advertised or exhibited in Australia following the determination. Those stipulations apply to online as well as bricks and mortar retailers.

"In the Classification Review Board's opinion, the game warrants a refusal of classification because it contains elements beyond those set out in the classification guidelines and legislation for a computer game at the MA15+ classification," the statement said.

"Specifically, it contains some depictions of high impact, as well as scenes of blood and gore that go beyond strong.

"It also contains a high impact theme."

Manhunt came into the news recently after the mother of a murdered British teenager blamed his fate on the game. The New Zealand government has banned the game.

In an information sheet for computer game retailers, the Classification Review Board reminded them of penalties for selling, hiring, having for display or hire, or demonstrating, a game that has been refused classification.

Individuals who do so face fines ranging from AU$4,500 in Queensland to AU$24,000 in Victoria, with imprisonment listed as an alternative in all jurisdictions bar the ACT and Tasmania, where both the fine and imprisonment may be imposed. Corporations may face higher penalties.

Penalties also exist for advertising a banned game.

Staff from ZDNet Australia contributed to this article.

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Rich posted a comment   

I'm from the UK and I own this game. yes it is gory but not as extreme as they make it out to be. and it is'nt that graphic either.
when you decapitat someone, very little if any blood is visible and their neck is just a small red circle with a white dot.... hardly realistic. and their is a mission where you must save your family, another when you have to save a homless person and one where you have to save a reporter.
the game is a revenge story. some one is forcing you to carry out these murdurs against your will, so you hunt down and kill him. it's also a survival game where you have to carefuly plan your every move.
I think the censors in Are meerly exagerating. and the murder in the uk, the weapon used does appear in the game but is also a common household item. my question is, how did he get it in the first place? it's labled 18+ over here...
all I can say is, IT'S JUST A GAME!!!!!


lukelord posted a comment   

no one banned the beatles after they inspired the manson murders....?


Andrew posted a comment   

Hmmm....anyone remember the controversy that the original Mortal Kombat started? IT got resolved with the ratings system. Why can't the censors institute a rating for games with extreme violence? Like it or not, people....Violent video games are now a part of the entertainment buisiness, and a very lucrative part of it at that. Remember....if you don't like to look at something, then don't look at it.


D Star posted a comment   

Censors, where is the desperately needed "R" rating for video games?
Adults also play games and represent a significant proportion of console and pc users.
Lets get with the times, it is 2004.

D Star


Josh posted a comment   

the other week i rented a dvd called the tool box murders and in this film a mad man kills these victoms with items from his tool box in clueding a claw hammer and high powerd drill yet this movie only had a M15+ raiting, and had more goure, blood and realistic enough dead bodies. yet no one is saying that this movie should be banned. but if someome was to own this movie and then be killed by someone with a screwdriver it would be the worst movie ever. and with the strickt rules the aust gov is putting on P platers im amased that they haven put a ban on racing sims

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