Australian iTunes store now offers TV series in HD

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Here's something we noticed today whilst browsing the Australian iTunes store: we Antipodeans can now opt for TV series in HD.

Individual episodes are being offered for AU$3.49 each. SD episodes are priced at AU$2.99, and, as per usual, there's a slight discount for buying an entire season. By way of comparison, individual HD episodes in the US store go for US$2.99 each, while the SD versions are listed at US$1.99.

As with overseas stores, Australians can view either the 1080p and 720p version, but only the latter is available for download.

There's a good selection of shows available, and, at first glance, HD availability seems to largely mirror the US, although there are a few quirks. For instance, in the US Game of Thrones is available in HD, but in Australia it's an SD-only proposition. On the flipside, we can download episodes from the second season, whereas those living in the US cannot.

It's also interesting to note that Australian shows, such as The Slap and Offspring, can be downloaded or streamed at a high-quality level than they were broadcasted on free-to-air TV.

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