Australian shoots for 120-hour video-game world record

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This morning, one Australian gamer set off on a week-long journey to break the world record for marathon video-gaming, cracking open a fresh copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II to do it.

Okan Kaya gets underway in his marathon record attempt.
(Credit: 4Cabling)

120 hours and seven minutes. That's the target Okan Kaya had in his sights as he settled in this morning to play Call of Duty: Black Ops II for — hopefully — the next six (plus, some change) days. Kaya, a sales manager with server rack and cable specialists 4Cabling, has been eyeing the record for some time.

"I started looking into the record attempt two years ago," said Kaya. "A few months ago, I spoke with my boss and she was nice enough to offer the office as a bit of a 'World Record Attempt HQ'."

When Kaya first wanted to take out the record it was still inside the three day mark. It skyrocketed to 120 hours and seven minutes earlier in 2012, but Kaya still feels that he's up for the challenge.

"I'm determined to beat this. Once I've set a goal, I try to see it through."

As for choosing Black Ops II? Yes, he's a big fan of the series.

"I'm a massive fan. I've been playing the series since the World War days and absolutely love it," said Kaya. "I'm just about to give Black Ops II a go. We'll see how much I like it in about 120 hours."

For the record, he doesn't have to play endlessly for the entire 120 hours. Guinness World Record rules allow for a 10 minute break for every one hour of activity, and these 10 minute breaks can be accumulated. So Kaya has a strategy for using his breaks to best effect.

"In the first day, I'm going to try and go through as much as possible without taking many breaks. I want to accumulate at least six hours of sleep time," says Kaya. "Once I hit six, I'm going to hit the sack. The first day or two are vital to bite into as much of the record as you can, and help build up that sleep time so you can recharge and set yourself up for the next leg."

You can check up on Kaya's progress at the live-stream page his employers have set up for the attempt, which we have embedded below. We're hoping that we will be checking in with Kaya next Monday (19 November) as he celebrates his success.

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IvanS1 posted a comment   

He didn't break it. Before you try a record, you have to ask Guinness for a permission. After they give you the permission you can try to do it. I know that because i am going to play Crysis 3 (i already have a permission to try to beat the record from Guinness) and beat the current record (120 hours and 7 min) on 23 February 2013 22:00 (GTM 2). For more information follow and watch me live on


MichaelW7 posted a comment   

Hi Okan, as soon as you beat this record. I'm sorry to say, I will beat it. Due to.. it's what I do everyday, for many years. Applying now. :D


MichaelG8 posted a comment   

If he's going to attempt that log he should have a better system in which he is comfortable. Having to squint at a small screen for that long will give him a headache. He should hook his system up to a 37" HDTV so its easier to view.

His keyboard and mouse could also use spongy resting pads which help when gaming for long term. I know I used to obsessively play WoW.

As an experienced gamer it might help... Just sayin...


ronyrao posted a comment   

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