Australians nearly twice as likely to buy PS4 over Xbox One: report

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A recent Roy Morgan survey has shown that nearly twice as many Australians are intending to buy Sony's PlayStation 4 console than Microsoft's Xbox One.

(Credit: Sony)

The research found that 600,000 Australians (aged 14 and over) are intending to purchase a PS4 within the next twelve months compared to 325,000 for the Xbox One.

The survey also revealed that 8 per cent of current console owners are planning on buying the PS4 compared to 4 per cent for the new Xbox.

Finally, the Roy Morgan data saw a higher propensity for brand loyalty on Sony's consoles: 17 per cent of PS3 users intend to buy the new version within the next 12 months; only 9 per cent of Xbox 360 owners plan to buy the Xbox One.

Microsoft's Xbox One lands on 22 November, with the PlayStation 4 coming a week later on 29 November. Locally, the prices are pretty identical: you'll pay AU$599 for the Xbox One and AU$549 for the PS4.

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EesK posted a comment   

Most of my Clan mates have there Pre-order via ebgames for there PS4 Consoles. That's 280 PS4 Consoles, with the rest of the Clan getting there's early in 2014 after we finish certain PS3 Competitions :)

In gaming circle's through out Australasia finding any hardcore gamers getting the Xbone is rare atm. Go figure? I think it will be more the family/casual gamers Console.

Headset compatibility is also a problem with Xbone, ASTRO A50s are 100% compatible with the PS4. (we use those)

Resolution: Small screen you won't notice. Over 40" you will and the delay in recovering from 'frame rate drop' in MP on the Xbone is also an issue.


HeatM posted a reply   

Yh bro my family just moved from newcastle england to perth,I used to have so many oz mates on ps3 but I have been on 360 for the past 4 years and they have all gone lol.I'm looking for new buddies for ps4 and maybe a clan,please add Dawson_Type-R


ScyfoF posted a comment   

Glad to see a large amount of us Aussies are making the right purchase.


AshleyM posted a comment   

Well im glad to be in the 9%, i already have my XBO preordered along with dead rising 3, cant wait til the 22nd of november :D


LukeL4 posted a reply   

if I was u I wouldn't be glad to be in the 9%, plz do yourself a favour and jump ship to sony, xbox one games are 720p UPSCALED to 1080p. I was hoping that my mate was the only one dumb enough to get a xbox one but looks like the disease is spreading but at least sony is still ahead. seriously though ask yourself what exactly have u gotten from your yearly subscription from M$ apart from the ability to play online. sony ps3 was free to play online and if u wanted plus service u could get it than a gold account which gave you FREE games to play. Next gen it is still going to be the same on xobx one, pay to play online and that's it, sony on the other hand are combining the ps plus service and a online fee to play into one package which leaves M$ in the shitter with a cue a mile long waiting to hang a crap. Sry if u are a fan but that's just the way it is...P.S was gonna call u a NOOB but realised u were an aussie like me so I changed my mind : )

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