Avast 5

Big changes arrive in the latest edition of Avast's popular antivirus powerhouse. Along with a retooled feature set, including multiple real-time shields, users are getting a completely redone interface.

Avast Free 5, an A-list freeware antivirus app, provides the same steadfast protection of well-known, pricier antivirus programs. It has recently partnered with Google Chrome and crossed the 100-million-user mark. Avast is remarkable for both its effectiveness and arguably providing the most complete free antivirus on the market.

Avast Free 5, formerly known as the Home Edition, protects you with multiple guards. The antivirus, anti-spyware and heuristics engines form a security core that also includes multiple real-time shields. The adjustable mail and file system shields join the pre-existing behaviour, network, instant messaging, peer-to-peer and web shields. The behavioural shield is a common-sense feature, as security software publishers leverage their large user bases to detect threats early and warn others. Other new features include a silent-gaming mode and an "intelligent scanner" that only looks at changed files after establishing a baseline. The biggest change in Avast 5, though, is the interface. Gone is the music player default look, which was skinnable but confusing. In its place is a sleek UI that new users should find far more manageable. It's also Aero-friendly, with Explorer-style navigation buttons in case you can't remember where you tweaked a particular setting.

Avast 4.8 was the only freeware to score in the highest category, Advanced+, in the most recent independent efficacy tests done by AV Comparatives. It's also the only program that tested faster than Norton AntiVirus 2010, and was tied with Microsoft for second place in fewest false positives detected. The detection score was also high, at 98 per cent. That's worse than Avira, but Avast noted far fewer false positives. Avast 5 Free lacks features in the paid upgrade including anti-spam measures, a testing sandbox, a Script shield and a firewall. Even without those, Avast Free 5 is probably the strongest, free antivirus currently available.

Download it here.

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dude posted a review   

The Good:yes

The Bad:no

Good stuff.


Woofie posted a review   

The Good:Great Anti Virus Hurt great stuff about

The Bad:nothing

dont know which is better MSE or Avast


hi posted a comment   

The Good:avast always my choice

The Bad:-

upgrade went smoothly with no problems on 2 PC (1 vista, 1 w7). Avast 5 uses noticeably less resources on both systems. Use it in combination with PC tools free firewall plus!

RaymondB Facebook

RaymondB posted a review   

The Good:it is

The Bad:it is not

The best free anti-virus


kidzhellafrezh posted a comment   

The Good:excellent detection rate;great tools;great interface

The Bad:nothing bad

i love avast people may say avira is better but i say avast iz better because it has less false positives n avast has different shields 2 protect u simple put go with avast 5


lester posted a review   

The Good:is so good

The Bad:no bad

I like it


Trump posted a comment   

The Good:excellent detection rates. low on system resources. easy looking GUI

The Bad:none as yet

I previously had Avast 4.8, Although Avast 5 offered to uninstall product seemed to do that process fine. I then had to run the app again to install new product, not a huge gripe but somewhat annoying. First round install of Avast 5 was terrible, Re-installed product and all is fine. Quick scan was excellent in time and no drag on system 11% CPU usage. First impression weren't so good hence the Good rating based on the install process only.


Trump posted a comment   

First install of Avast5 went wrong in many ways, Second install perfect so far so good

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