Avatar: behind the scenes at Weta Digital

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New Zealand may be known as the home of Lord of the Rings, but you may not know that it is also the unofficial birthplace of Avatar.

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mack posted a comment   

Landau said, "not only the motion, but also the emotion of the performance."

So true. Even though we were watching an actor's movements recreated in the computer as on-screen Na'vi characters, which had been done before with lackluster results in other films, we were experiencing virtual acting on a higher level we were previously accustomed to. I think that this was a key factor in the success and popularity of the film. And this is exactly what Cameron was striving for and ultimately obtained in 'Avatar.'


tinlizziedl posted a comment   

Sounds like the early version of a truly awesome HUD (heads-up-display). Imagine having glasses, contacts, or a retinal implant that allows you to custom modify your visual perceptions at will. Cool!

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