Back to school 2012: the best laptops

The new school year rolls around once more, and we're sure people will be looking for laptops. Here are our choices for the new year, attempting to cover the gamut of what the student might need.

Laptops for school need not be high end — as long as they're reasonably light so they can fit in a backpack, pack in at least 4GB of RAM and have wireless networking capability, they should be perfectly fine for school use. As a result, ultrabooks are actually quite a good choice.

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SteveG1 posted a comment   

It'd be nice to have something in there a little more in line with most school budgets. My pick for this category would be something like the hp dm1 which has:

AMD e-300 or e-450
Radeon 6300 series graphics
HD screen
320gb HDD
Battery life ~10 hours
$380 to $450 depending on config

This would be perfect for this category. It is better than a standard netbook (doesn't have window 7 starter but rather the full version), has enough cpu and graphics power to handle multiple web pages (most browsers nowadays use the graphics card to render pages and believe me the improvement over an atom is well worth the cost) and applications, good screen res (again, better than standard netbooks). They also have better battery life than most of the machines mentioned above which is a must given that classrooms don't have 30 power points.


blaah posted a comment   
New Zealand

There's a pretty good deal for the Dell XPS 14z, which ends this at the end of the week,16 Feb. For $1889NZD via NZ site, or $1329AUD at the AU site, you get a pretty much maxed out system. Evalue code: u511105nz, or u511105au

Core i7 2640M 2.8GHz (turbo to 3.5)
8GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
256 SSD
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 520M 1GB GPU

I've ordered one myself. Pretty good price considering you get an SSD.


cwillrath posted a comment   

Zenbook??? The best back to school laptop, getting mine this week some time


Will1505 posted a comment   

Sorry but a school laptop should be a $299 netbook with an atom processor in it, or if the kid is lucky, a lenovo with an i3 in it, can get them for about $449.

Not a nearly two grand gaming machine or macbook. Chances are it will be damaged so you want something plastic and cheap to replace is broken.


Dunners posted a comment   

$1700 for a school notebook thats gonna get stuffed in a backpack.

Also thats pretty expensive for most students.


CreamingSoda posted a comment   

Good to see Mac's in there with the top 10. Good for school/uni work (but thats it). MacBook Air should be number 1 =)


4yearsuser posted a comment   

God, no place for thinkpad and 2 many Dells. U must be too busy to try the best laptop in this world.

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