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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

B&W releases its first in-ear headphones

(Credit: Bowers & Wilkins)

If there are any in-ear monitor purists reading this, let's first clear the air: Bowers & Wilkins' latest ear buds are not a balanced armature model. Instead, they sport dynamic drivers.

Despite this, several in-ear headphones with dynamic drivers have managed to impress us — the Klipsch Image S4i and Shure SE115 are a couple that come to mind. The main difference is that the B&W C5 costs quite a bit more than those models at a UK price of £150.

The latest B&W in-ears do, however, boast a distinctive design, which matches the aesthetic of the P5 headphones as well as the company's iPod docks and MM-1 computer speakers. It also has an interesting Micro Porous Filter feature that is supposed to allow music to "breathe" and provide more "spacious" sound.

The B&W C5 has been announced in the UK and should hit retail stores there next month. Local availability and pricing is yet to be announced.

Via What Hi-Fi

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